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Chinese Drama 2020

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Poisoned Love poster

  • Genre: Romance, Love Triangle
  • Release Date: 24 September 2020
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Episodes


  • Ma Meng Wei as Fang Yan
  • Ao Rui Peng as Shi Meng
  • Luo Zheng as Shi Yi
  • Shi Qing Yan as Zuo Yao
  • Wu Chen Ze as Xiang Wei Lin
  • Osborne Chen as Hao Ying Jun

Episode 1-2

Fang Yan is a voice actress.  She was auditioning for a part in Shi Meng production when a jealous former classmate who knew a little bit of Fang Yan’s background put Fang Yan in a panic to tát sabotage Fang Yan’s chance of getting a role.

The shock of what she saw in the monitor that her former classmate made sure she saw sent Fang Yan into a catatonic state.

Apparently, when Fang Yan is faced with something extremely shocking or something that would cause her to tát panic, Fang Yan would go into a catatonic state which lasts for 10 hours.  She is lượt thích a zombie for 10 long hours.

Fang Yan had sought therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and every other mind doctors over the years but a cure was never found.

Until she encountered two brothers who are both in the entertainment business.  Shi Meng is a producer and Shi Yi is a singer.

Shi Meng and Shi Yi, for brothers are not very close, though their mother was trying her best to tát make them closer by twinning them whenever she had the chance.

This twinning happened during a press conference of Shi Meng’s new production.  The lead actor for some reason announced that he was taking some time off.

To create controversy and take away the limelight from the resigning actor, Shi Meng arranged for a người hâm mộ to tát throw water at Shim Ming during the press conference.

This meant, Shi Meng was soaking wet and had to tát get changed to tát the only available suit for him.  It was from his mother which was exactly the same design of white suit that Shi Yi was wearing.

Fan Yan gatecrashed the press conference but she did not put into consideration the ferocious fans in the venue.  She got too scared she went catatonic again.

It ví happened that Shi Meng was passing and saw her.  He helped her into a seat while she nestled into his chest for a while.

She did not really know who was cuddling her but her friend who had arrived to tát see her saw a man in white suit receding from the distance.

After careful research, they concluded that it must have been Shi Yi because he has photos online during the press conference wearing the white suit.

Fang Yan consulted the therapist again and was told that it was very good news that her somnambulism only lasted for five minutes.  She was advised to tát find her first love or someone she loves because she might have sleeping beauty syndrome.

And these how she started mingling with the brothers.

Episode 3 

Fang Yan went Shi Meng to tát his mother’s birthday.

Shi Meng had told her that she would meet her idol, Shi Yi at the mansion.

This was all he had to tát say.

Shi Meng’s mother liked her and thought that she was Shi Meng’s girlfriend.  She was desperate for her son to tát have someone to tát care for him to tát cheer him up because he is ví serious.

At the mansion, Fang Yan met Shi Yi.  She found out that he is her secret người hâm mộ with her poems she recites online.

Fang Yan did not waste any time to tát tell him that she wanted to tát be at his side all the time.  She said that he is the only one to tát help her get over her disorder.  She then showed him her diagnosis from a psychiatrist.  He looked at it desultory and asked her how are they going to tát go about it.

She said rather hesitantly that he had to tát hug her whenever she has an attack.

Shi Yi was disappointed.  He asked her whether she wanted a signature of a hug now, showing that he thought she is just one of his obsessive fans.

Shi Meng was listening to tát their conversation and smirked at her.

Mother Ling told Hao Ying Jun to tát make it happen between Shi Meng and Fang Yan.

They met up with Fang Yan and gave her a contract to tát sign to tát be the assistant to tát her son.

Mother Ling said that they needed an assistant who is emphatic because her son has a bit of Bipolar Disorder.

Thinking that the son they were taking about was Shi Yi, Fang Yan signed the contract immediately without reading it carefully.

She was then given a key by Mother Ling to tát let herself in the house of her son, who is of course Shi Meng.

Fang Yan started cleaning the house, restocking the bathroom with shampoos, conditioner and hair removal cream.

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She polished and scrubbed the furniture.

And was looking at an ornament next to tát Shi Meng’s bed when it fell under his bed.  She was just reaching out for it when Shi Meng came trang chính and went to tát his bedroom and started removing his clothes.

Poor Fang Yan could only hide herself but not well enough because Shi Meng found out prostrate on the floor.

She apologised and told him that she is his new assistant.

Episode 4

Shi Meng immediately complained to tát his mother who told him that if he fires Fang Yan, she will post his butt naked baby photo online.

Meanwhile, Fang Yan called her Yaoyao to tát tell her that she became an assistant to tát the wrong Shi brother.  She is working with Shi Meng instead of Shi Yi.

Yao Yao checked the contract and it was stated that the post was for an assistant for Shi Meng.

The next morning, everyone at the office noticed that Shi Meng has a new hairstyle.  This was rather a long story but to tát make it short, he used the hair removal cream rather phàn nàn the shampoo.

Shi Meng really made used of Fang Yan, he made her to tát pretend as his new girlfriend to tát discourange an actress signed in his company who was flirting at him.

Shi Yi went to tát his therapist who happens to tát be the same one who was treating Fang Yan.

Shi Yi asked him about Fang Yan’s condition.  He was told about it and now he believes that Fang Yan is not some delusional người hâm mộ.

Episode 5 & 6

After the misunderstanding about her disorder, Shi Yi and Fang Yan got on lượt thích a house on fire. And as an apology, Shi Yi told her that he will grant her three wishes.

Her first wish was a signed photograph of him. Shi Yi asked if this is enough as it was too easy to tát grant.

She said that she also wanted him to tát write two sentences on it.  The first one was: You are a good friend who understands my music. Second sentence was Fang Yan understands Shi YI.

He is ví sweet and gave her his coat as it was cold for her outside.

Shi Meng does not want her to tát make too much noise in the house.  He created rules that she often breaks and gets find for them.  She owed him lots of money already.

She is a popular vlogger ví the bathroom seemed the safest place of her (why not her room?)

She was vlogging away about a new sponge when Shi Meng came in and told her to tát get out.  He then proceeded to tát shower and her followers were loving the naked man showering.

Fang Yan remember the phone and went quietly into the bathroom to tát get her phone.

Shi Meng of course noticed her and to tát pay her back, he tried to tát scare her with nhái cockroaches, snake and frog but he got more scared phàn nàn Fang Yan.

To up the ante, he created a powercut in the house and made it really spooky.

In the darkness she saw the doll straight from the film, The Shining.

This scared Fang Yan that she went into catatonic.

Shi Meng realised what he did and called an ambulance while the doctor on the phone told him what to tát tự including making sure that there is no blockage to tát Fang Yan’s airways as well as loosen her clothes.  He was just about to tát give her a CPR when she became conscious.

He was as shocked as she was.

Fang Yan realised that she being conscious within few minutes.  She was thinking whether both brothers have the same effect on her but she sort of thought that Shi Meng covered her with the jacket lent to tát her by Shi Yi ví probably it was Shi Yi’s scent that was comforting to tát her that made her regain consciousness.

Convince of this she went to tát get the jacket but remembered having just laundered it.

So she had to tát go back to tát Shi Yi with the help of Dr Cui to tát get something personal from Shi Yi with his scent ví she can keep it in case of future attacks.

I would recommend not to tát finish episode 6 because the lead girl is ví frustrating in her stupidity.  She is was learning to tát be a goose which I thought she was already with the stupid noises she was maling.

Fang Yan and Shi Meng had their first kiss in the latter part of this episode but it was far from romantic.  All you can think of was the poop the goose was making and the feathers it was shedding in abundance. The kiss was not dirty sexy but more of dirty foul from a fowl. Yikes.

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Episode 7

Fang Yan beginning to tát get irritating.

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