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Immortal Samsara

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Also known asAgarwood Like Crumbs
Based onAgarwood Like Crumbs by Su Mo
Written bySu Mo
Directed byGuo Hu
Ren Haitao
StarringYang Zi
Cheng Yi
Zhang Rui
Meng Ziyi
Li Xinze
Opening themeHong Chen Lu by Jason Zhang
Ending themeAgarwood by Jane Zhang & Jason Zhang
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes38 (part 1)
21 (part 2)
2 (Special)
Production locationsXinjiang, ChinaHengdian World Studios
Running time45 mins
Production companyH&R Century Pictures
Original networkYouku
Original release20 July –
7 September 2022

Immortal Samsara (Chinese: 沉香如屑·沉香重华; pinyin: Chen Xiang Ru Xie·Chen Xiang Zhong Hua) is a 2022 Chinese Xianxia television series based on the novel Agarwood Like Crumbs by Su Mo.[1] It stars Yang Zi as Yan Dan and Cheng Yi as Ying Yuan.[2] The 1st part premiered on Youku on July trăng tròn and ended its run rẩy on August 17.[3]

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The 2nd part aired from August 18 to lớn September 2. Youku released 2 special episodes on September 7. The series ranked as the top streaming series with 2.4 million online reservations pre-air and 18.99% of market share after release according to lớn Lighthouse Data.[4] Since airing, the series has received international attention for its rich depiction of the Xianxia (genre) world and traditional Chinese culture.[5]


Yan-Dan is, originally, one of the twins of a rare four-leaf hanli twin lotus blossom, a relic of the ancients. Her toàn thân has been a treasure of medicinal cures since ancient times. She and her twin sister Zhi-Xi transformed into human sườn during the Jade Pool festival of the Supreme Emperor. The Demon clan tried to lớn kidnap the lotus twins for their Emperor, to lớn increase his Immortal powers. They are stopped by Lord Ying-Yuan who then gives the lotus twins their names. The twin lotus sisters had very different lifestyles. Zhi-Xi is always trying to lớn better herself & elevate her status. Yan-Dan is not interested in cultivation or raising her status. She leaves it up to lớn her sister to lớn bởi it. She just wanted to lớn write plays, relax, & enjoy a care-free life.

Zhi-Xi became assistant Curator at the Palace of Magical Pavilion & was despised by Curator Ying-Deng who made her life difficult. Yan-Dan was originally assigned to lớn the Pavilion of Books, where she was writing a play about the War of Genesis Heroes, a war against Demons won by the collaboration of many mystical magical tribes. Many fought bravely & died during the war. One, in particular, had been forgotten & who contributed greatly to lớn the war effort, the Nine Fin Tribe. Nine Fins descendant Yu Mo-Shan, from ancient times, was saved by Celestial Deity Bei-Ming who helped him attain human sườn through cultivation. He became friends with Yan-Dan & helped her with her play. While writing the play, Yan-Dan noticed someone kept flipping the Divine turtle onto his back & was determined to lớn find out who was the culprit. She was unsuccessful, even though she tried many times & phối many traps.

Yan-Dan helped Celestial Deity Bei-Ming, who was always kind to lớn her, solve many chess problems sent by Lord Ying-Yuan. She was re-assigned to lớn Yan-Xu Heavenly Palace by Lord Ying-Yuan to lớn become his Immortal attendant, because of her expertise in chess. He realized Yan-Dan's potential & decided to lớn train her, unbeknownst to lớn her. He noted she was a quick & clever learner, but uninspired & lazy. He would punish her for any infractions, no matter how minor, by having her copy the heavenly scriptures numerous times. She felt lượt thích he was torturing her & complained constantly. She accidentally discovered demon spies. With help from Lord Ying-Yuan, the demon spies were vanquished.

Eventually, war between the Immortals & the Demons broke out. The Immortal army was commanded by the 4 Sovereign Lords, the Primordial Heavenly Emperor, Star Deity Huan-Qin, Celestial Deity Bei-Ming & Lord Ying-Yuan. The battle was fierce. Demons were using demon serpent Wu-Wang to lớn try to lớn destroy the pillars of Heaven. Yan-Dan, Yu Mo, & Li-Mu were in the palace of the main pillar of Heaven & saw it was crumbling. Yan-Dan used her Immortal powers to lớn shore up the pillar with the help of Yu Mo & Li-Mu. Lord Ying-Yuan & Star Deity Huan-Qin fought Wu-Wang to lớn stop it from destroying the pillars. During the battle, most of the leaders were killed, but the war was won, at great loss, & peace was restored to lớn the Heavenly Realm. Celestial Deity Bei-Ming was bought back to lớn his palace & was in great pain. Heavenly healers were unable to lớn cure him. Yan-Dan & Yu Mo were by his side to lớn try & comfort him in his pain. His Immortal spirit was damaged & shattered beyond repair. Yan-Dan used her lotus powers to lớn bring him out of his delirium & calm him to lớn a lucid state of mind. Yu Mo was Bei-Ming's disciple. Bei-Ming had used his magical Artifact to lớn save Yu Mo as a promise to lớn the Nine Fin tribe who he was great friends with. Yu Mo & Yan-Dan were able to lớn bid Bei-Ming a tearful goodbye before he passed away. Lord Ying-Yuan was blinded & poisoned by the flame of Wu-Wang during the fight. The flame poison would make him go crazy & eventually, he would die. The only cure was the heart blood of a Four-leaf lotus. Lord Ying-Yuan refused to lớn risk the life of the twin lotus sisters to lớn save himself. He was ashamed of the great loss of his companions & other heavenly soldiers. He left in despair, went to lớn the Land under the Horizon & chained himself to lớn the sacred tree, to lớn await death.

Yan-Dan was told Lord Ying-Yuan was traveling in the mortal world to lớn recuperate. She accidentally came upon where Lord Ying-Yuan had chained himself to lớn the sacred tree. She changed her voice, for fear he wouldn't speak to lớn her, to lớn talk to lớn him to lớn find out what had happened. She became very upset & sad on seeing his condition. She decided to lớn find a cure for him, take care of him, & ease his pain. He realized, even though he was blind, it was Yan-Dan helping him. He kept pushing her away, but she refused to lớn leave. While caring for him, they fell in love, but love relationships are against heavenly doctrines & punishable by death. Yan-Dan created a cottage next to lớn the sacred tree, unchained Lord Ying-Yuan from the tree, & treated him with her lotus breath in the cottage which helped to lớn alleviate the effects of the flame poison. He carved her a lotus blossom incense burner from agarwood. While helping the Divine turtle to lớn go down to lớn the mortal world, she, inadvertently, found out the cure for the flame poison. Using the Lucid Dream butterfly, Yan-Dan saw how much Lord Ying-Yuan was in love with her & she with him. She used half of her heart to lớn cure Lord Ying-Yuan, because she couldn't bear to lớn see him suffer in pain or die from the flame poison.

After Lord Ying-Yuan was cured, he was returned to lớn Yan-Xu Heavenly palace. When he awoke, he had to lớn act indifferent to lớn Yan-Dan to lớn keep her safe. Yan-Dan became upset because she thought Lord Ying-Yuan forgot his promises to lớn her to lớn recognize her when he awoke & smell the lotus blossoms in the pond in front of the cottage. She believed he cared for her sister Zhi-Xi as he was led to lớn believe Zhi-Xi saved him, but Lord Ying-Yuan knew who really saved him & Zhi-Xi had lied about it. Zhi-Xi lied to lớn him, because she wanted him to lớn protect her from Curator Ying-Deng.

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Curator Ying-Deng, with help from Zhi-Xi, frames Yan-Dan with poisoning her. She is sentenced to lớn the punishment of fire by Lord Ying-Yuan at the Heavenly Gallows. Zhi-Xi is shocked by this outcome, she didn't expect Yan-Dan to lớn be ví severely punished & regretted helping Ying-Deng. Yan-Dan thinks Lord Ying-Yuan despises her, but he works to lớn save her and with help from Marshal Hou-Den, gets a decree of immunity & sets her up in Xuan-Xin Cliffs palace. He requests Marshal Hou-De to lớn accept Yan-Dan as his disciple to lớn which he agrees to lớn wholeheartedly. Zhi-Xi visits Yan-Dan in prison, hoping to lớn clear up all the misunderstandings. Zhi-Xi regrets all her mistakes, but it's too late to lớn bởi anything.

On the day of the punishment, Lord Ying-Yuan takes Yan-Dan up to lớn the Heavenly Gallows. Yan-Dan asks Lord Ying-Yuan if he believes she was framed, he tells her he can only carry out the punishment. Yan-Dan, in despair, jumps off the Bridge of Nothingness. Lord Ying-Yuan jumps in after her & saves her. Her Immortal spirit is destroyed & she must cross over the Night Forgetting River to lớn enter the mortal world. In order to lớn cross over, she must let go of all her past memories & feelings. She is given a lit lantern holding her memories, is told when the light goes out and that when all memories & feelings are let go, she can enter the mortal world. When Lord Ying-Yuan returns to lớn the Heavenly Realm, he presents himself to lớn the Supreme Emperor for punishment of having a love relationship & survives it when most other deities would have perished.

Curator Ying-Deng creates a kém chất lượng record to lớn Zhi-Xi saying Yan-Dan has crossed the river, giving false hope to lớn Lord Ying-Yuan, Zhi-Xi, Yu Mo, & her friend Lu-Ming. Curator wants Yan-Dan to lớn disintegrate into ashes & to lớn see the face of Lord Ying-Yuan's face when it happens. Lord Ying-Yuan believes Yan-Dan has crossed over & works to lớn restore order to lớn the Heavenly Realm. After vanquishing the remnant demons in the Heavenly realm, he discovers from the Imperial Heavenly Soldiers, during the war, a deity used her Immortal powers to lớn hold up the heavenly pillar as it was crumbling. He realizes it was done by Yan-Dan because of the scent of lotus blossoms & uses his Immortal powers to lớn reinforce the pillar, then he faints away into a coma. He is bought to lớn his cottage to lớn recuperate.

Yan-Dan spent over 800 years of her life attempting to lớn forget Lord Ying-Yuan while attempting to lớn cross the Night Forgetting River to lớn enter the mortal world. Lord Ying-Yuan has been in a coma for 800 years. Li-Mu, who is now assistant to lớn the Supreme Emperor, comes across a report sent by a Hell guard of people who haven't crossed the Night Forgetting River. The report shows Yan-Dan has not crossed over yet. He runs to lớn Lord Ying-Yuan in the cottage to lớn let him know, but he is still in a coma. With help from Zhi-Xi, Lord Ying-Yuan wakes up from his coma. Li-Mu tells him if Yan-Dan doesn't cross over within 900 years time, she will turn to lớn ash. She only has 3 days left. Using the sonic beetle, Curator Ying-Deng overhears what Li-Mu has told Lord Ying-Yuan and finds out Yan-Dan has not crossed the river & plots to lớn have her killed.

Lord Ying-Yuan tries to lớn save Yan-Dan from turning to lớn ashes. He receives permission from the Supreme Emperor to lớn go & save Yan-Dan after he self-punishes himself for defying the Emperor, harming the Imperial Heavenly guards, & having a love relationship. He helps Yan-Dan, who is now partially blind & suffering from attempts to lớn enter the mortal world by trying to lớn cross the Night Forgetting River. He is alarmed by her appearance & his heart aches for her. He changes his voice to lớn the Hell guard's voice, ví she won't know he is helping her. He arranges for her to lớn fall through a hole he creates in the river to lớn reach the mortal world, but is interrupted by the King of Hell, Ning Wang, who believes if he uses the four leaf lotus, it will cure his illness as was told to lớn him by Curator Ying-Deng through use of the sonic beetle. Lord Ying-Yuan easily defeats Ning Wang, but he finds out the other 3 sovereign lords, Star Deity, & Celestial Deity did not die as was recorded in the historical heavenly annals. He, firstly, performs a difficult spell to lớn help Yan-Dan forget him, ví she can enter the mortal world. He succeeds & Yan-Dan is sent to lớn the mortal world.

Lord Ying-Yuan is ambushed by a dark figure who he fights off only to lớn realize it was to lớn keep him from further questioning Ning Wang. On arriving to lớn the jail where Ning Wang was kept, he discovers Ning Wang was killed by having his internal core crushed. He sees the sonic beetle & destroys it. Lord Ying-Yuan reports to lớn Supreme Emperor the deaths of his colleagues are not as recorded. He requests to lớn go to lớn the mortal world to lớn find the Demons who escaped there & interrogate them to lớn find out the truth about what had actually happened to lớn his colleagues during the war. The Supreme Emperor grants his request & to lớn cover up the investigation he announces Lord Ying-Yuan will be sent down to lớn the mortal world for further penance. Before Lord Ying-Yuan leaves, he grants Yan-Dan's wish for her sister, Zhi-Xi, to lớn ascend.

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In order to lớn find Yan-Dan's reincarnation, Yu Mo-Shan (last descendant of the Nine Fin tribe) escapes to lớn the mortal world with help from Zhao-Lan, Princess of the South Seas Dragon clan. On arrival into the mortal world, he starts to lớn tìm kiếm for Yan-Dan. He doesn't know she has not been able to lớn cross the Night Forgetting River. He searches for her for almost 900 years & can't find her, but knows she is still alive because of the sigil on his arm, given to lớn him by Yan-Dan while he was still working on keeping his human sườn at Xuan-Xin Cliffs. Ao-Yang, Prince of the East Seas Dragon clan, attacks Yu Mo after finding out he is a descendant of the Nine Fin tribe who used to lớn rule the seas as they can control fire & water. Another fight is joined with his, Zi-Lin who is being chased by Qiu-Yi's group. During the fight, Yu Mo is injured by the soul-crashing hook used by Ao-Yang, given to lớn him by his father. Zi-Lin helps Yu Mo escape, realizes Yu Mo is seriously injured & brings him to lớn Qiu-Yi's magical springs where he is healed. Yu Mo helps Zi-Lin defeat the terrible tyrant lizard spirit Qiu-Yi & reluctantly, becomes co-ruler of Ye-Lan mountain, whose magical hot springs can cure all & has power boosting abilities, with Zi-Lin.

Yu Mo became a powerful ally for Yan-Dan when she starts her life after descending into the mortal world. It took a while for Yu Mo to lớn find Yan-Dan. Ye-Lan Mountains also became their stable trang chủ together. Yan-Dan doesn't remember anything of her previous life, but she still wants to lớn be the best playwright. In order to lớn help Yan-Dan realize her wish, Yu Mo takes her to lớn travel around the world, to lớn "do one good deed every day" & experience life.

Tang Zhou (Lord Ying-Yuan mortal form/life), disciple of Ling Xiao sect of Taoism specializing in exorcism, left the sect to lớn go out & gain experience of the world outside. After Tang Zhou is attacked, his Celestial vest is damaged. Li-Mu, who is monitoring Lord Ying-Yuan's progress, saw Tang Zhou was knocked out & ran over to lớn revive him. Li-Mu tells him he used to lớn be the sovereign lord & needs to lớn repair his vest or his God Powers will destroy his toàn thân. In order to lớn repair his vest, he needs to lớn find the 4 Divine artifacts: 7 Luminious jade, Li Chen, Chu Mo, & Earthstop. While Yan-Dan was punishing an evil deed, she encountered detainment & persecution from Demon Slayer Tang Zhou. This starts a journey in which Yan-Dan and Tang Zhou both fought evil using wits, spells, & creativity. Shared woe, love, betrayal, hate, greed, loss, etc. She helps Tang Zhou find the four Divine artifacts needed to lớn repair his Celestial vest. Tang Zhou, Yan-Dan, and Yu Mo discovered one mysterious thing after another. Finding the 4 divine artifacts, they discover more mysteries behind the events of the "War of Genesis", the "Divine-Demon war" & the deaths of the 3 Sovereign Lords, Celestial Deity Bei-Ming & Star Deity Huan-Qin. Involving also the safety of all 3 Realms.[6]


Main cast[edit]

  • Yang Zi as Yan Dan / Bai Piao Liang
  • Cheng Yi as Ying Yuan / Tang Zhou/Xuan Ye
The nephew of the Emperor of Heaven, the immortal name Dongji Qingli Yingyuan Emperor.
  • Zhang Rui as Yu Mo
  • Meng Ziyi as Zhi Xi
  • Li Xinze as Huan Qin
  • Hou Mengyao as Tao Ziqi
  • Fu Fangjun as Xuan Xiang / Liu Weiyang

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Vicki Xu as Deng Xi fairy
  • Zhu Yongteng as Heavenly Emperor
  • He Zhonghua as Immortal Beiming
  • Han Chengyu as Pei Luo
  • Zhang Tianyang as Zhan Yi
  • Zhang Zhixi as Ran Qing

Four artifacts[edit]

Name Original Owner Heteromorphism Place Of Appearance
Seven Luminaries Jade Yueji Chiyi Wanyun Emperor A Lifetime Shen House
Li Chen Tianji Zixu Zhaosheng Emperor Beacon Smoke Palace
Chu Mo Yuan Shi Changsheng Emperor All Things Are Born Demon Phase
Earthstop Dongji Qingli Yingyuan Emperor Original And Passive Fenlan Mountain

International broadcast[edit]

Channel Location Date
VieOn  Vietnam 20 July 2022
Line TV  Taiwan
TrueID  Thailand 21 July 2022
Taiwan Mobile  Taiwan 15 August 2022
Netflix 24 August 2022
Longhua TV 12 October 2022
Viu  Singapore


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