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Story 10

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Music 10

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For a movie buff lượt thích bủ, watching this Thai BL series is a stretch but a good one. I can continue raving about it from the beginning.  But let's start with the story.

The story seems cliche if you look at it on hetero/straight perspective especially when this type of storyline has already been applied in many telenovelas(Latin and Filipino) and even Asian.  However, the good twist is that the gay storyline is the main focus, in which one of the characters is a hero who tries to lớn win the love of his best friend after a random tryst due to lớn intoxication. At first glance, it was not really a tryst because, both, as mentioned were intoxicated. But from there complication arose, including the surprise appearance of a girl friend  of one of the main characters and then the development of love between two college-educated young adults who are both male.  

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This is a kind of romantic comedy series that I wouldn't get bored watching for many times, if time allows. Aside from the "main lovebirds", one character I really love is Yihwa.   All cast, even the villain, portrayed their characters very well. The acting is "superb" (IMO) especially Yihwa's , and of course, Korn and Knock.  Even though I tend to lớn hate the villains, their characters have been played well that it is difficult for bủ to lớn ignore them. Although it is possible to lớn pinpoint the neophytes in acting, I have come to lớn familiarize all the supporting characters.  They've all managed to lớn invoke emotions in their characters, which, I believe is very effective in stirring the emotions of the viewers.

It is not only about having to lớn see the main characters to lớn feel good throughout watching the series. The supporting cast really managed to lớn bring out different types of emotions in bủ. So, I think this BL series is very effective in incorporating the characters, which I initially thought would just be fillers and uninteresting. But then, they did a great surprise.

And one thing I have to lớn point out in this series are the kissing scenes(of course).

Max(Korn) and Tul(Knock) managed to lớn portray natural kissing scenes, even the most intimate ones between two male lovers in a BL series. I can only watch this in gay movies which are rated for adults. But considering this has also been shown on Thai TV( I think) and online, they have managed to lớn capture a big audience because of their kissing scenes.

I thought I'd be satisfied with just one love scene, but the series kept on surprising bủ. They really put intimacy of two male characters to lớn a new level. And for that, I commend the actors, the producers, the writers and the directors.

Musically, the timing of the background effects is good. Some are over-the-top but understandable. I love the soundtracks though. Hearing them makes bủ appreciate Thai pop music more. This is coming from an international người hâm mộ and viewer of the series.

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Overall, this series has done a great redemption to lớn the BL industry. I rate it first on my list.

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