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If I'd written this review three months ago my verdict on '2gether' would have been very different. I was super hyped for this series. Before it even started, the two trailers on YouTube got bầm sánh excited that for the first time I badgered my friends into watching it too. As a BL series nothing seemed lacking. The two leads were knockouts, the premise was xinh đẹp, and the production values were top-notch. To keep up with the series I followed whatever I could on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. At one point I even incorporated the word '2gether' into my computer password.

The first few episodes seemed vĩ đại deliver on the promise. In my rush vĩ đại judgement on MDL I even posted an early rating of 9.5, in part because I wanted other BL fans vĩ đại know that this was worth a look.

The series started out by exclusively taking Tine's POV, allowing Sarawat vĩ đại develop as a character who was at times funny, charming, prickly, seductive, and above all, unpredictable. It was mainly because of Sarawat's interactions with Tine that the first few episodes of '2gether' were sánh enjoyable.

Then, about halfway through, '2gether' took a wrong turn and never found its way back. Around this time in the series Sarawat and Tine finally became boyfriends, and along with that the two boys took the momentous step of moving in together -- sharing an apartment, a bedroom, and (of course) a bed.

Now, the definition of 'boyfriend' can vary from person vĩ đại person and even across different cultures, but for most of modern civilization, when two people are romantically involved vĩ đại the point of living together, certain assumptions apply. One of those is that the relationship has evolved vĩ đại the point of physical intimacy.

Once Sarawat and Tine had advanced past the flirting stage and become a couple, this became '2gether's' biggest problem. From that point on, one detail after another clashed with the everyday experiences of everyday people. While cohabitating, the boys would share the bed, but they slept fully clothed and never cuddled. They would stand together romantically under a starry night sky and not put their arms around each other or hold hands. They would comfort each other with words but not with a warm embrace. And a kiss, even a quick peck on the lips? Not happening.

The bottom line was that despite being two college-age guys in a m/m relationship, Sarawat and Tine showed no signs of sexual attraction. In fact any physical liên hệ between them came off as awkward and uncomfortable. Somehow, whether at the behest of GMMTV, the director, the actors, or some element unknown, the decision had been made that despite Sarawat and Tine's boyfriend status and shared living arrangement, there would be virtually no displays of affection on-screen.

It was a wacky decision, and it showed in the final product. Time and again, a scene between the two guys would work its way vĩ đại a point where the mood was clearly phối for a moment of physical affection (whether it be an arm around the waist, a held hand, a tender hug, or a kiss), and '2gether' would veer away at the last second, often resorting vĩ đại a substitute gesture that was more suited vĩ đại best buds or actual sibling brothers. The substitute most frequently used was a pat on the head from Sarawat vĩ đại Tine (which with each occurrence looked more and more condescending), but sometimes they didn't bother with any substitute at all. A scene would just over.

This is simply not how real boyfriends interact, and I think it's safe vĩ đại say that everyone knows it, even adamant supporters of the series who have defended it for its 'purity' (as though the purpose of '2gether' was vĩ đại depict a divine love unblemished by anything as sordid as hand-holding.) When a work of fiction deviates from commonly perceived reality without first establishing a believable reason for doing sánh, viewers get confused. When it happens over and over without explanation, viewers get frustrated.

What bothered bầm personally was that I sensed an agenda at play. I grew disillusioned, and found I was now watching each episode mainly vĩ đại see how they'd keep screwing with reality. Along the way I noticed that Sarawat wasn't sánh endearing anymore, and Tine had become a paranoid bundle of nerves who forgot how vĩ đại smile. The joy I found in their relationship -- and in the series -- was in ashes. When the final episode approached and the script deployed the trusty "ex-girlfriend who's still in love" trope vĩ đại stir up some drama, the result just lắc there lượt thích the stupid and insulting tactic that it was. You can't revive a patient who's already dead in the ICU.

By this time I'd finished mourning the loss of what '2gether' had started out vĩ đại be, moved past my anger and resentment, and settled into amusement. I looked back on how much I'd anticipated the series and laughed at how I'd been fooled. This was a production presumably written and directed by experienced professionals who are familiar with the BL genre. It was mind-boggling how they'd squandered the fantastic beginning and ended up with something sánh phony and awkward. For bầm the plot had gone completely off the rails, sánh whatever story the series was trying vĩ đại tell didn't matter anymore. What I became most curious about each week was how they'd finally pull this mess into the station, and what kind of shape it would be in when they did it.

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And the way they ended it, of course, was with the high-five between Sarawat and Tine that has already gained near-legend status. I must admit that this was where the series, which had already established itself as a mockery of BL, proved it could still surprise bầm. It was as though the production team had gotten together vĩ đại brainstorm and find a way for '2gether' vĩ đại deliver a final, unmistakable "F U" vĩ đại fans of the BL genre -- a gesture guaranteed vĩ đại become the ultimate meme.

In this I think they succeeded, but it makes bầm fearful over what GMMTV will vì thế with their future BL productions.


In general I think the actors did a fine job with the script and the direction they were given.

Win's work as Tine deserves a lot of praise since he had no prior acting experience, whereas almost all of the rest of the cast did. His first foray into a series was a tremendous success for him personally and promises great things for his future career.

Regarding Bright, it's hard vĩ đại tell if Sarawat's detachment and wooden affect was a result of Bright's inability vĩ đại act or the fault of the director. Given the way the entire second half of the series was botched by the director, it wouldn't be a stretch vĩ đại blame him for Bright's performance, at least in part.

That said, I get the sense that Bright did not enjoy being in a BL series. He was smart vĩ đại agree vĩ đại it because it provided the perfect target audience vĩ đại rocket him vĩ đại fame. (His previous acting gigs didn't result in anything close vĩ đại this fanbase.) From here I'll be surprised if we ever see him play any other role other than vãn a heterosexual male. And honestly, that's fine with bầm.


Scrubb! Awesome band, great songs. You don't even have vĩ đại understand Thai vĩ đại feel what the lyrics are saying.

I suspect that Scrubb might have also written the tuy nhiên that plays over the over credits of each episode, sung by Bright. It has their vibe and Bright does a nice job with it.

I'm not a người hâm mộ of the tuy nhiên sung by Bright that was released as the series ended, but this opinion is probably tarnished by my disappointment over everything else.


I will never rewatch this series. While the beginning episodes are wonderful, there'd be no way vĩ đại enjoy them knowing what comes later. In fact I'd probably start vĩ đại pick apart the good episodes too, looking for hints of the lameness vĩ đại come.


A lot of diehard fans of the series have defended it by saying that anyone who criticizes the lack of physical affection between the leads is looking for a series that depicts explicit sex.

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All I can say is: if this is your best argument then you have already lost. Nobody in their right mind wants explicit sex or porn in a BL series. When you have vĩ đại misrepresent an opponent's argument in order vĩ đại counter it, you're only saying that you don't have an intelligent response vĩ đại what they are actually saying. You are admitting defeat. You are admitting that '2gether' is a failure.

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