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Love Like the Galaxy
Traditional Chinese星漢燦爛•月升滄海
Simplified Chinese星汉灿烂•月升沧海
Hanyu PinyinXīnghàn cànlàn yuèshēng cānghǎi
  • Historical fiction
  • Romance
  • Political
Based on"Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Shen Zhi Zai" (星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉)
Written byGuan Xin Ze Luan (关心则乱)
Screenplay byZou Yue
Directed byFei Zhenxiang
  • Wu Lei
  • Zhao Lusi
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes56
Original network
  • Tencent Video
  • WeTV (overseas)
  • iQiyi (overseas)
Original releaseJuly 5 –
August 30, 2022

Love Like the Galaxy (Chinese: 星汉灿烂•月升沧海; pinyin: Xīnghàn cànlàn yuèshēng cānghǎi) is a 2022 Chinese television series based on the novel, "Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Shen Zhi Zai" (星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉) by Guan Xin Ze Luan (关心则乱). It stars Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi. The series is split into two parts, with first part starting on July 5, 2022. The second part premiered on July 27, 2022.[1]

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The story revolves around Cheng Shaoshang, who was left behind by her parents when they went to tướng war. As a result, she was raised by her scheming aunt and ignorant grandmother. In order to tướng protect herself from the constant abuse and mistreatment, she honed herself to tướng be extra diligent.

The plot starts with the return of Shaoshang's parents. At first, she hopes that her life will improve after reuniting with them. However, years of estrangement have made it difficult for them to tướng become family. As she lacked love her whole life, Cheng Shaoshang is both pragmatic and insecure when it comes to tướng opening up her feelings to tướng others.

She soon meets the emperor's adopted son, Ling Buyi, whom she views as a cold and ruthless person in the beginning. However, that notion changes as she continually finds herself involved with him. Through her interactions with Ling Buyi, she unintentionally becomes involved in the mystery surrounding his family and his identity.[2]

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Main cast[edit]

  • Wu Lei as Ling Buyi / Zisheng / Shiyilang (21 yrs old)
Wang Hanzhe as young Ling Buyi
  • Emperor Wen's foster son and a powerful, ruthless and manipulative General. He is favoured by the emperor and is always ready to tướng serve his country and people. One of the nine ministers of court, has won multiple wars through his brilliant war strategies and is highly regarded in the country. Falls in love with Niaoniao at first sight due to tướng her unruly behaviour but honest and just personality. He is the son of Huo Junhua and Marquis Chengyang. Plagued by the massacre of Huo clan, Gu thành phố and his uncle General Huo Chong which happened 15yrs ago, he is resolute in finding and punishing the perpetrators. This ultimately leads to tướng a lot of revelations about connections between the present and the past. Deeply in love, he supports Niaoniao in her schemes and goes to tướng extreme lengths to tướng protect her.
  • Zhao Lusi as Cheng Shaoshang / Niaoniao (15 yrs old)
Li Zhimo as young Cheng Shaoshang
  • Daughter of Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi. Abandoned as an infant by her parents due to tướng the their participation in the impending war and the prophecy of an old deity which is later revealed to tướng as Aunt Ge's scheme, she grows up neglected and bashed by her grandmother, Aunt Ge and people around. Due to tướng the harsh and torturous upbringing, she grows up lacking etiquette, ladylike demeanour but is very smart and vigilant. She always stands up to tướng her bullies and protects the innocent. Although distrustful in the beginning, she eventually warms up to tướng her family and Ling Buyi. Enamoured by carpentry, she often invents things and her innovation helps in the restoration of Huo County which was attacked by the bandits coerced by Prince Xiao and his father Prince Yong in a conspiracy to tướng assassinate the emperor. Falls deeply in love with Ling Buyi and sacrifices a lot for him.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Li Yunrui as Yuan Shen / Shanjian
    • Huangfu Yi's disciple. Has the reputation of No. 1 scholar from Bailu Mountain Academy. Became enamored with Cheng Shaoshang when she answered his Lantern Festival riddle correctly. Tends to tướng bicker with Cheng Shaoshang every time they meet each other, but also finds her fascinating. Love rival of Ling Buyi and Lou Yao.
  • Yu Cheng'en as Lou Yao
    • Second son of the second Lou family branch. Was the childhood fiancé of He Zhaojun, but the engagement was broken off. Became enamored with Cheng Shaoshang and followed her to tướng Hua County. Love rival of Ling Buyi and Yuan Shanjian. Originally timid and weak in temperament due to tướng abusive upbringing but highly virtuous. Ultimately marries He Zhaojun to tướng fulfill her dying father's last wish.
  • Estelle Chen as He Zhaojun
    • Youngest daughter of Calvary General He Yong. Was the childhood fiancée of Lou Yao, but broke off the engagement due to tướng her disdain for Lou Yao's temperament. Married and was granted the honour of beheading Prince Xiao after he massacres her whole clan in a bid to tướng hold Zhaojun and her younger brother hostage to tướng force General He Yong to tướng rebel against Emperor Wen. As her family stays loyal to tướng the country, they lose their lives. Remarried to tướng Lou Yao in order to tướng protect her family's assets on behalf of her younger brother.
  • Zhang Yue as Wan Qiqi, General Wan’s daughter and family friend of Niaoniao and Yangyang.
    • Having accompanied her father to tướng wars, she is adept at sword fighting and equestrian. She is just and pure lượt thích Niaoniao and often helps her in her schemes. She, Niaoniao and Yang Yang size a trio and often help each other against bullies. She later marries Cheng Song, Niaoniao's second older brother.
  • Cui Enci as Princess Yuchang
    • Granddaughter of Prince Ruyang. Enamored with Ling Buyi. Willing to tướng resort to tướng unscrupulous tactics in order to tướng become Ling Buyi's woman is however outrightly rejected and shamed by Ling Buyi. One of Niaoniao's bullies and hates her as she is her love rival.

Cheng Family

  • Guo Tao as Cheng Shi/Marquis Quling
    • Cheng Shaoshang's father. First son of Old Madam Cheng (the grandmother) A commander highly respected due to tướng his war expeditions and comes from a humble family. He is very kind, supportive and loving father who often shields Niaoniao against her mother's rebuke and is pround of her schemes and tactics. He undesrtands her a lot and loves her extremely.
  • Zeng Li as Xiao Yuanyi
    • Cheng Shaoshang's mother. A strict mother and a firm matriarch who accompanied her husband in wars, fighting ferociously which earned her family war merits. Had to tướng abandon Niaoniao as an infant due to tướng Aunt Ge's scheme and eventually avenges all the atrocities faced by Niaoniao by ousting her from the family. Having come from the military background, she is very strict towards Niaoniao and is firm in disciplining her, often resolving to tướng punishments rather kêu ca talks. She favours Niaoniao's cousin Yang Yang for her soft and meek personality which further causes estrangement between the mother and daughter.
  • Xu Jiao as Cheng Yang / Yangyang
    • Cheng Shaoshang's cousin. Aunt Ge's and Cheng cheng's daughter. She is soft, pure, timid, ladylike and loves her father extremely unlike her ill natured mother as she grew up in her grandparents' house. After her parents divorce, she learns under the tutelage of Niaoniao's mother and respects and cares for her extremely.
  • Xu Di as Old Madam Cheng
    • Cheng Shaoshang's grandmother. Having come from a humble background, she is often shown greedy, a pushover and tries exuding authority over her sons. She loves her sons and grandsons extremely and favours them over daughter-in-laws and granddaughters. Having come under the influence of Aunt Ge, she mistreats and neglects Niaoniao .
  • Mickey Zhao as Cheng Shaogong
    • Cheng Shaoshang's twin brother. He is an astrologer who often predicts daily occurrences. He is a very protective brother who inspite of meeting Nianiao after years loves her extremely and is often referred to tướng as a lifesaver by Niaoniao.
  • Jiang Yiming as Cheng Song
    • Cheng Shaoshang's second brother, who is in love with Wan Qiqi. He is a scholar and along with Cheng Shaogong loves Niaoniao very much. He, lượt thích Shaogong saves Niaoniao from their mother's harsh punishments.
  • Zhang Tianyang as Cheng Zhi
    • Cheng Shaoshang's third uncle.
  • Peng Yang as Sang Shunhua
    • Cheng Zhi's wife and Cheng Shaoshang's third aunt. She is a kind aunt who often supports and shileds Nianiao.
  • Cui Peng as Cheng Cheng
    • Cheng Yang's father and Cheng Shaoshang's second uncle. He is a cripple who is often bullied by his wife for his love of books and is a very submissive husband.
  • Chen Sisi as Madam Ge
    • Cheng Yang's mother and Cheng Shaoshang's second aunt. A scheming lady and ill-intentioned woman who plotted to tướng usurp Yuanyi's foothold in the household by influencing the grandmother to tướng leave Yuanyi's third child with them through the help of a nhái prophecy by an old deity. As Yuanyi gives birth to tướng twins, she decides to tướng leave the daughter behind. She is later insulted and abandoned by Yuanyi who exposes her facade.

Royal Family

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  • Bao Jianfeng as Emperor Wen
    • A benevolent and just Emperor who favours Ling Buyi even over his sons. As Ling Buyi's uncle was his confidante who helped him in establishing a peaceful country, he is lượt thích a father to tướng Buyi.
  • Tong Lei as Empress Xuan
    • A timid, kind and meek Empress who is lượt thích a mother figure to tướng Niaoniao. She is the foster daughter of Prince Xian'an who helped install His Majesty on the throne and in return, had to tướng marry the Emperor. She is the mother of Crown Prince and Fifth Princess.
  • Cao Xiwen as Consort Yue / Empress Yue
    • Mother of Second Princess, Third Prince, and Third Princess. Strong, upright, brave and an impartial Matriarch who puts everyone in their places and wants to tướng lead a peaceful life. She and Emperor Wen were childhood sweethearts. She and her clan helped the Emperor in his enthronement fighting wars and providing wealth.
  • Wang Zhuocheng as Crown Prince Yuan
    • Considered too soft hearted and weak willed to tướng be able to tướng lead as the future emperor.
  • Wang Ziwei as Fifth Princess
    • Spoiled and pampered due to tướng being the youngest and only child born to tướng the Emperor and Empress after the establishment of the current kingdom. She considers herself the ONLY legitimate daughter of the Emperor and Empress despite all her siblings being equally legitimate. Bullies Niaoniao when she comes to tướng the palace.
  • Fang Xiaoli as Princess Consort Ruyang
    • Aunt of Emperor Wen
  • Gao Han as Third Prince
    • Ambitious and decisive. He is often referred to tướng as the rightful Crown Prince.
  • Wang Zhen as Third Princess
    • Consort Yue's daughter, grew up under Young Marquis Yue's tutelage. Prioritises wealth and prestige over her half-siblings and is shown as a dumbhead.
  • Kobe Liu as Fifth Prince
    • A playboy and considered unfit to tướng help with any imperial/official issues.
  • Li Yanman as Fifth Princess Consort

Ling Family

  • Sha Baoliang as Ling Yi / Marquis Chengyang (Villain)
    • Ling Buyi's father - Conspired with Former Emperor Li in orchestrating the downfall of Huo clan as well as Gu City.
  • Candy Zhang as Huo Junhua
    • Ling Buyi's mother - Suffered from a mental breakdown after the massacre of Gu City. Believes she is 15yo and unmarried.
  • Zhao Ziqi as Madam Chunyu
    • Ling Buyi's step-mother - Cousin of Ling Yi. Took advantage of Huo Junhua and Ling Buyi's absence to tướng begin an affair with Ling Yi; in order to tướng usurp Huo Junhua's position as the legitimate wife. Knew of Ling Yi's betrayal but would not expose it due to tướng her own greed.


  • Gu Kejia as Qing Cong
    • Xiao Yuanyi's sworn sister. She accompanied Yuanyi during the wars.
  • Zhang Chen as Liang Qiuqi
    • Ling Buyi's subordinate.
  • Sun Kai as Liang Qiufei
    • Ling Buyi's subordinate.
  • Hu Jiaxin as Wang Ling
    • Empress Xuan's niece and Peng Kun's wife. One of Niaoniao's bullies.
  • Melody Tang as Lou Li
    • Lou Yao's cousin. One of Niaoniao's bullies.
  • Xing Minshan as Grand Tutor Lou
    • Lou Yao's first uncle.
  • Sheng Guansen as Prince Xiao (villain)
    • Prince Yong's son. Planned a rebellion against the Emperor with his father and Mid-Shu County. Murdered He Zhaojun's nanny on the day of his and He Zhaojun's wedding because she would not reveal where He Zhaojun and General He's youngest son was hiding. Intended to tướng hold both as hostages to tướng coerce General He to tướng participate in the rebellion.

TV Soundtrack[edit]

Chinese Mainland[edit]

《Love Like the Galaxy》Soundtrack
1."Love Like the Galaxy[3]" (theme&ending song)Liu ChangTian JingjingShan Yichun 
2."String Song[4]" (Ling Buning's character theme song)Duan SisiTan XuanAyanga 
3."Star River Sigh[5]" (Cheng Shaoshang character theme song)Wang ZiyanGuan DazhouHuang Ling 
4."Happy Like Me" (Yuan Shen character theme song)Liao YuHe Huihui and Wang ZitongLi Yunrui 
5."Fuxi" (episode)Guan DazhouGuan DazhouYeri 


The highest single-day streaming viewership of the first part of "Love Like the Galaxy" exceeded 200 million views.[6] As of August 2 of the same year, the 2nd part of the series had a single-day maximum streaming viewership of 300 million views.[7][8]

Differences from the original novel[edit]

  1. In the original novel, Wang Jie married a noble family in Jiangxia, Jingzhou, and was regarded as a "good wife" by the locals. The plot in the play is to tướng marry Peng Kun far away, and then Peng Kun was finally silenced by Ling Yi, causing Wang Ji to tướng become a lonely widow.
  2. In the original work, Wen Xiujun was given death at the over, but in the play it was a nervous breakdown.
  3. In the original novel, Chunyu and the boy both took poison and committed suicide. In the play, it is life without a descendant, lonely and helpless, and finally mentally abnormal, pretending to tướng be crazy and acting stupid, just to tướng survive.[9]