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    S2 • E1

    Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus

    Terrance and Phillip must save Terrance's Little Daughter, Sally, and all of Canada from an evil dictator.


  • 21:59

    S2 • E2

    Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut

    The boys wait for Dr. Mephesto to tát regain consciousness and reveal the identity of Cartman's father.


  • 22:00

    S2 • E3

    Ike's Wee Wee

    Mr. Mackey, the school counselor, is fired and turns to tát drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, when the boys find out what it means to tát be circumcised they try to tát save Ike from his Bris.


  • 21:58

    S2 • E4


    When Barbrady resigns, anarchy ensues and the boys pitch in to tát help.


  • 22:00

    S2 • E5

    Conjoined Fetus Lady

    With Pip as their star player, the South Park dodgeball team is off to tát the championships.


  • S2 • E6

    The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka

    Jimbo and Ned's efforts to tát drive up the ratings for their new hunting show on the cable access channel threatens to tát edge out an old favorite, "Jesus and Pals."


  • 22:00

    S2 • E7

    City on the Edge of Forever

    A freak accident leaves the South Park Elementary school bus teetering precariously on the edge of a cliff.


  • 22:00

    S2 • E8

    Summer Sucks

    The entire town is gearing up for the annual 4th of July celebration when a ban on fireworks is imposed.


  • 22:00

    S2 • E9

    Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls

    South Park's first film festival attracts crowds of pretentious, tofu-eating movie lovers to tát the quiet mountain town.


  • 22:00

    S2 • E10


    The kids' parents only have their best interests at heart when they arrange for Stan, Kyle and Cartman to tát be exposed to tát the chickenpox virus.

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Join Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny as they discover the identity of Cartman's father, learn about Conjoined Twin-Myslexia and thaw a prehistoric ice man. For them, it’s all part of growing up in South Park!

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