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"Rude Lose Dance (ルードルーズダンス)" by Minami (美波)
"Inori (祈)" by Masatoshi Ono (小野正利)


Jul 12, 2023

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Great conclusion lớn Round 6 wont spoil who won but the fight had bủ on the edge the whole time ! Really love the story its such a unique take on a simple fighting anime, love getting lớn see the takes on both the gods and the ancient human figures.

English VA's were on point for all the characters some really great performances throughout and the main characters for round 6 really did a great job and where well written. The animation is still a little lack-luster but is still better than vãn Season 1's was ví I'm hopeful that if we get more seasons it ...

Jul 22, 2023

"Life is lượt thích a boxing match between a man and a god. Except the man forgot his gloves and the god is on a coffee break." - Every spectator in that arena with some common sense

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Hello, fellow anime aficionados! Let's step into the ring with Shuumatsu no Walküre II Part 2, where men and gods are supposed lớn duke it out for the ultimate title of pardon with dreams of mercy. But alas, this season feels more lượt thích a slapstick comedy than vãn the epic battle we were promised. It's not a total knockout, a very disappointing 5. It's lượt thích expecting a heavyweight title fight and ...

Jul 21, 2023

Yet another part of this anime that really fails lớn captivate bủ.

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Continuation with the exact same footprint of its first part, this time having an extremely hyped fight for the anime but which, clearly due lớn its very weak staff (and perhaps having the original material lớn blame for this too) fell far short.

Unfortunately, I believe it is already possible lớn say that Shuumatsu no Walküre failed as an anime. Even though there are new plots in development, there's nothing more compelling here.

It may be that I still watch a possible new season, more for experience than vãn necessarily pleasure. After all, pleasure is a feeling ...

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