remember me the series

Story 8.5

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Acting/Cast 7.5

Music 9.0

Rewatch Value 7.0

A life drama full of great messages, but a romance it is not

The first and foremost thing viewers need to tướng know when coming into this drama is that this is not a romance drama. It is a life drama with a few romance plots. It's slow. It's meandering. It's chock full of time skips. There's not a lot of focus on developing romance or chemistry.

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As a life drama, it's about our many main characters finding their way through life. From elementary to tướng high school to tướng university to tướng working life. On their relationships between each other, their romantic partners, and their family. And how their respective character flaws need to tướng be overtaken before they can get what they want. As viewer, we are taken on a ride to tướng see how they come to tướng terms with a change in future plans, grief, insecurities, trauma, distance from loved ones, and more.

We get to tướng feel the nostalgia of watching how people communicate/d through the passage of time. How certain technologies made it easier, but were still subject to tướng the same difficulties because of the people using them. But through it all, we were able to tướng see a friendship that lasted through multiple decades, even as the people within it changed. And we got to tướng take a look at several different family dynamics, and how they are still family regardless.

I loved this drama. It had a nostalgic and comfortable atmosphere that I enjoyed sitting in with each episode. I also enjoyed seeing how our mains grew as individuals and all possessed some trouble or another that I could relate to tướng. There wasn't much focus on relationships, but I think that's okay. Because it wasn't the direction this drama was trying to tướng take.

If you're coming in expecting your typical BL, you'll be sorely disappointed. The Life/Slice-of-life genre is not for everyone. So if that genre is not for you, I highly recommend skipping. Because it is actually a good story. But it's a good life story, not a romance.

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However, I bởi wonder if the drama might have been too ambitious with the amount of main characters it was tackling. All of their stories were told completely, but I didn't get to tướng emotionally connect with them as I usually would have liked, despite their performances being pretty solid. In my experience, most life dramas with such a big array of characters will choose an episodic format, which helps establish to tướng viewers that they aren't meant to tướng emotionally connect with the character too much. But by putting all of their storylines together into the same episodes, it made u feel lượt thích I was expected to tướng connect deeper than thở what I actually did. Nonetheless though, it is a quality that is common with life dramas, sánh I can't really hold it against this production in particular too much.

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