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VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!Pros: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!I hate how you have to tát make a tài khoản for almost everything. It was ví bad that i could only play quizizz and not get fine perks! Why does this exist. It makes kids MAD lượt thích they are on FIRE!!!! Everytime i am in 1st place, i get 1 question wrong, i am teleported to tát last place.Date of experience: May 10, 2023

The trang web does serve its limited…The trang web does serve its limited purpose.However, it suffers from lagginess (which they blame on users' poor connection) , bugginess (some that affects functionality), poor UI design, and lack of quiz features. There also seems to tát be little/no/very slow updates to tát the features and functionality of the trang web.In the same span of time, other educational websites have made considerable updates to tát theirs while Quizizz is still stuck with the same question types. Others have provided a roadmap of their planned new features and improvement but not Quizizz. I've written to tát them a few times on the bugs but the staff wasn't helpful and willing to tát see their problem and get it fixed.Date of experience: April 28, 2021

PLEASE AVOID!!!!It's too distracting. You can't kiểm tra answers lượt thích in a real test and it throws up bad memes when you get a question wrong. All in all, just use pencil and paper. Or something lượt thích Kahoot or Blooket is better. And the powerups steal your mind from your focus.Date of experience: May 25, 2022

AmazingThere are a lot of options to tát create a quizizz, you can vì thế multiple choice, polls, etc.. And it i really fun to tát create a new Quizizz as well as to tát play one!Date of experience: February 03, 2021

Amazing!Outstanding!Date of experience: December 11, 2021

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