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Revised RomanizationHaebaragi
Directed byKang Seok-beom
Written byKang Seok-beom
Produced byJeon Ho-jin
Jeon Jae-sun
StarringKim Rae-won
Kim Hae-sook
CinematographyKim Woo-jae
Edited byHahm Sung-won
Music byAngelo Lee


DCG Plus
Ivision Entertainment

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Distributed byShowbox

Release date

  • 23 November 2006

Running time

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117 minutes
CountrySouth Korea
Budget$3.3 million[citation needed]
Box office$8.22 million[1]

Sunflower (Korean: 해바라기; RR: Haebaragi) is a 2006 South Korean action thriller film directed by Kang Seok-beom. This action with full drama starring by Kim Rae-won and Kim Hae-sook .


Former gangster Tae-sik is released from prison and heads back to tát his hometown to tát live in a small restaurant with a woman. Attempting to tát leave his past behind, he takes a job in a garage and tries to tát keep away from the local gangs, most of whom still live in fear of his brutal reputation. When a local politician wants to tát knock down his adoptive mom's restaurant to tát build a new shopping mall, Tae-sik struggles to tát avoid returning to tát a life of violence.


  • Kim Rae-won - Oh Tae-sik
  • Kim Hae-sook
  • Huh E-jae
  • Kim Byung-ok
  • Kim Jung-tae - Yang-ki
  • Han Jung-soo
  • Ji Dae-han
  • Park Sung-woong
  • Park Cheol-ho


Sunflower was released in South Korea on 23 November 2006,[2] and topped the box office on its opening weekend with 267,065 admissions.[3] It held the number-one spot for a second consecutive weekend,[4] and went on to tát receive a total of 1,543,429 admissions,[2] with a gross (as of 7 January 2007) of US$8,221,999.[1]


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