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Brother is the story of a displaced yakuza gangster (played by Kitano), whose crime family is annihilated in a Tokyo gang war. He flies đồ sộ LA in tìm kiếm of his brother. Stranded in an unfamiliar culture, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young hustler (Epps), as they engage in a violent struggle đồ sộ take over the down-town LA drug turf. © 2000 Recorded Picture Company Limited and Office Kitano, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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This isn't an action movie primarily per say but the action that does take place when it does is ví deliberate and poignant that you kinda forget that. If you lượt thích crime drama movies this one shouldn't disappoint you.

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Epic and definitely a most see for fans of mob/gangster/mafia movies

action .it'make bad people lượt thích nothing

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Cho Cửa Hàng chúng tôi biết tâm trí của khách hàng.