one piece chap 1079

Chapter 1079 is titled "The Emperor's Crew, The Red Hair Pirates".

Cover Page[]

Cover Page Request: "Luffy watering a lion by mistake instead of a sunflower" by PN Himawariya.

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Short Summary[]

The nature of York's plan was revealed in a flashback when she realized the World Government would try đồ sộ eliminate her too. In the present, as a Blackbeard Pirates ship is approaching Egghead, at Elbaf a duel is phối up between Kid and Shanks, where the latter is easily victorious, and Dorry and Broggy destroy Kid's ship, leaving the Kid Pirates completely annihilated.

Long Summary[]

A few hours ago, York learned that the World Government wants her dead too, but fortunately, she has a plan đồ sộ counter it. She orders the four Seraphim đồ sộ terminate everyone trapped in the lab except for herself, the Stella, and their hostages. She does acknowledge that she is not strong enough đồ sộ fend for herself should the others find out she was responsible for letting the Seraphim run rẩy amok, which is why she ordered S-Snake đồ sộ petrify her as if York had her guard down and then undo it when no one is looking. She then tells her the places in the lab she does not want destroyed before sending the Seraphim on their way. Unknown đồ sộ everyone on the island, a ship belonging đồ sộ the Blackbeard Pirates arrives off the shore.

At Elbaf, several pirates loyal đồ sộ Shanks tell Eustass Kid that he will have đồ sộ go through all of them first if he ever wants đồ sộ see Shanks. Kid is unconvinced that the pirates standing before him, captain "Ball Fingers" Gerotini of the Puddle Pirates, bandleader "Memorial Blade" Fugar of the Social Club, and princess "Trembling" Pururu of the Bourgeois Pirates are fleets of the Red Hair Pirates, but Killer reminds him that there are several big names in the fleet, sánh he should not let his guard down.

Shanks tells the other pirates đồ sộ clear out sánh they tự not get harmed, revealing that despite their reputations as fierce pirates, the subordinates of the Red Hair Pirates are very weak, and they need the Emperor and his crew đồ sộ protect them. The subordinates cheer for Shanks as he boards his ship. He asks if Kid's wounds from Wano have fully healed but Yasopp says he looks fine if he is willing đồ sộ pick a fight. Shanks accepts this and asks for any updates on Blackbeard, where he is told that he left Hachinosu, with Shanks remarking he was sure he would pop up in Wano. Following this, Shanks is given information on Kid, and he calls him a troublemaker. When Kid forms his railgun đồ sộ launch Damned Punk at the fleet, Shanks foresees the damage it will cause, warning the fleet đồ sộ spread out and telling Dorry and Brogy đồ sộ watch his rear while he moves for Kid's ship. Moving đồ sộ stop Kid's attack, Shanks approaches the Victoria Punk, catching Kid off-guard and instantly defeating him with Kamusari. The Kid Pirates panic out over their captain and combatant being taken down and beg Shanks not đồ sộ kill Kid, even giving up their Road Poneglyph rubbings đồ sộ appease him. Shanks, however, ignores them and jumps from the ship while Dorry and Brogy perform their combined attack Hakoku, completely destroying the Victoria Punk; they tell the Kid Pirates that if they point a loaded gun at someone's hometown, they better expect đồ sộ meet the same fate.

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The Kid Pirates fall into the sea, while the narration says that at Elbaf, the Kid Pirates, led by Eustass "Captain" Kid, who has a bounty of Beli3,000,000,000, were completely destroyed.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • A flashback occurs where before they began attacking, York spoke đồ sộ the Seraphim.
    • York realized the World Government wanted đồ sộ betray her, thus she ordered the Seraphim đồ sộ kill everyone on Egghead except herself, Vegapunk, and the Cipher Pol hostages.
    • York had also given S-Snake orders đồ sộ pretend đồ sộ defeat her, then undo the petrification when no one was looking, as she wanted đồ sộ keep her actions secret since she was not strong enough đồ sộ defeat her former allies on her own.
    • York also orders S-Snake đồ sộ avoid a specific place on the island.
  • Sentomaru continues the evacuation.
  • A Blackbeard Pirates ship is approaching Egghead.
  • The Kid Pirates face off against the Red Hair Pirates.
    • Kid prepares đồ sộ fire his Damned Punk technique at the Red Hair Pirates' subordinate ships.
    • Shanks uses Future Vision đồ sộ intercept Kid before he can attack.
    • Shanks uses Kamusari đồ sộ take out both Kid and Killer in one blow.
    • It is revealed that the subordinate crews of the Red Hair Pirates are considered very weak and could not survive in the New World without Shank's protection.
    • To protect their captain, the other Kid Pirates offer đồ sộ turn over the Road Poneglyph copies đồ sộ Shanks; though Shanks ignores them.
    • Dorry and Brogy destroy the Victoria Punk using Hakoku.
    • The Kid Pirates are announced đồ sộ be utterly destroyed.


Pirates Marines
Straw Hat Pirates
  • Monkey D. Luffy (cover)

Kid Pirates
  • Eustass Kid
  • Killer
  • Heat
  • Wire
  • Boogie
  • Hip
  • Reck
  • Emma
  • UK
  • Gig
  • Bubblegum
  • Pomp
  • Mosh
  • Compo
  • Dive

Giant Warrior Pirates
  • Dorry
  • Brogy
  • Oimo
  • Kashii
Red Hair Pirates
  • Shanks
  • Benn Beckman
  • Lucky Roux
  • Limejuice
  • Yasopp
  • Hongo

Puddle Pirates
  • Gerotini

Social Club
  • Fugar

Bourgeois Pirates
  • Pururu

  • Oli

Big Mom Pirates
  • Prometheus (cover)
  • Sentomaru

  • York (flashback)
  • S-Snake
  • S-Hawk (flashback)
  • S-Shark (flashback)
  • S-Bear (flashback)


Author Comment

I went đồ sộ a WBC game!! The stands shook in the world-class super interesting match. It was amazing!


—Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda WSJ Avatar

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