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Chapter 1072 is titled "The Weight of Memory".

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Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 28: "Mass-produced weapons of slaughter"

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MADS begins an experiment.

Short Summary[]

As Bonney catches Vegapunk, who mentions a promise he had made đồ sộ Kuma never đồ sộ tell her truth. Meanwhile, Kuma begins đồ sộ climb the Red Line. Shaka reveals đồ sộ the Straw Hats that in Labophase, they can command the Seraphim, so sánh Edison, Lilith, Sanji, and Franky head out đồ sộ regain control of them. As Zoro continues his battle with Kaku, Stussy renders the latter unconscious and plans đồ sộ bởi the same đồ sộ Lucci.

Long Summary[]

Jewelry Bonney changes into a child and starts crying that she broke something. Feeling sympathetic, Dr. Vegapunk walks up đồ sộ her đồ sộ see if she is okay and calls for medical attention, but this turns out đồ sộ be a trap from Bonney; once Vegapunk gets close enough, she changes her appearance đồ sộ look muscular using a special move called Distorted Future, and tries đồ sộ attack Vegapunk with a pipe. She misses as Vegapunk pleads with her đồ sộ spare him, but she uses another attack called Age Skewer, and this time, she hits Vegapunk. As a result, Vegapunk’s age gets literally knocked out of him and assumes various shapes, while Vegapunk himself regresses đồ sộ that of an infant.

Bonney picks up the now helpless scientist and explains that her powers bởi not affect living things permanently, but now she wants him đồ sộ tell her exactly why he took Bartholomew Kuma’s personality from him. Vegapunk says that if he does tell her, the truth will only hurt her. He also tells her that he promised Kuma đồ sộ keep his secret from her no matter what. As he says that, Kuma himself starts climbing the Red Line. He gets blown off but continues đồ sộ fight back against the Marines.

Back at Egghead Island, Bonney refuses đồ sộ believe Vegapunk’s words, especially when he says that Kuma voluntarily gave up his humanity, but no matter how hard she tries, he refuses đồ sộ say anything more about his “secret”. Bonney then sees a huge door with a bear paw print on it, and deduces it is connected đồ sộ Kuma. She opens the door by aging the lock and finds a huge paw-shaped bubble. This causes Vegapunk đồ sộ flashback đồ sộ the past when he was with Kuma and how he told him a story about a scientist from West Blue hypothesizing that a person weighs 21 grams less after dying, indicating that the lost weight is the person’s soul. He found the story fascinating and wonders if things lượt thích memories and imagination have mass and volume too, intending đồ sộ use Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi powers đồ sộ help prove that as it allows him đồ sộ take intangible concepts and give them physical size and even transfer them đồ sộ others. Of course, Kuma surmised that Vegapunk wants Kuma’s memories and at first, he refused, but it seems he ultimately gave in. In the present, Vegapunk begs Bonney not đồ sộ touch the bubble, calling it nothing but pain strong enough đồ sộ kill someone. Bonney, however, tells Vegapunk that she is very familiar with her father’s powers, and that what is in front of her is his memories.

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While on the Labophase, Nami is freaking out that Rob Lucci was able đồ sộ invade the facility, but Usopp says that as long as Zoro and Brook are guarding the Thousand Sunny, they will be okay even if the battle is 2v3. That is, though, before Shaka points out that the Seraphim have joined, leaving the battle 2v7. Interestingly, Shaka tells the Straw Hats that the Seraphim have the limited capacity đồ sộ make decisions on their own, and that is most likely the reason why they are backing up CP0 on the Labophase despite not being ordered đồ sộ by them. This poses as a positive thing for the Straw Hats as it means that if Vegapunk’s Satellites can issue a command đồ sộ them, they can regain control as their authority is higher than thở both CP0’s and Sentomaru. Edison and Lilith head off đồ sộ try and regain control, with Sanji and Franky taking off đồ sộ back them up.

On the Thousand Sunny, Zoro and Brook witness Kaku in his Awakened state, but Zoro remains confident that he can handle him while Brook watches the ship. Kaku attacks Zoro with a move called Kyoku Bigan "Kirimanjaro", swirling his neck around while firing his nose. Zoro, however, blocks the attack and deflects his head. Lucci then orders the Seraphim đồ sộ destroy the Labophase before Vegapunk arrives, and they start laying waste đồ sộ the lab.

Suddenly, Stussy bites on Kaku’s neck and puts him đồ sộ sleep. Lucci is left confused by Stussy’s actions as she tells Lucci that she will be putting him đồ sộ sleep too while large bat wings sprout from her back. As it turns out, Stussy is actually a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, who was a thành viên of the Rocks Pirates and the very first successful clone of MADS.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Bonney catches Vegapunk and turns him into a child.
  • Kuma starts climbing the Red Line.
    • As a result, the Marines are dispatched. Repeated cannon fire makes Kuma fall back đồ sộ the ground, though he starts đồ sộ fight back.
  • Bonney encounters one of Kuma's paw-shaped repulsions inside a room in Vegapunk's laboratory, which she recognizes as her father's memories.
    • The repulsed memories were part of an experiment Vegapunk conducted on Kuma, after the former begged the latter đồ sộ participate in it.
    • Vegapunk tries đồ sộ prevent Bonney from accessing Kuma's memories due đồ sộ a promise he made đồ sộ the former Warlord.
    • According đồ sộ Vegapunk, Kuma willingly gave up his own không tính phí will while participating in the Pacifista project.
  • Zoro and Kaku's fight continues.
    • Kaku is shown đồ sộ have awakened his Devil Fruit.
  • The Seraphim join CP0 at the Labophase and start destroying the laboratory on Lucci's orders.
    • According đồ sộ Shaka, the Seraphim are capable of limited decision-making, not requiring orders đồ sộ act in certain circumstances.
    • Lilith and Edison, being Vegapunk's satellites, use the opportunity đồ sộ try taking over authority over the Seraphim personally. Sanji and Franky head out as well đồ sộ back them up.
  • Stussy is revealed đồ sộ be a MADS-developed clone of former Rocks Pirates' thành viên, Miss Buckingham Stussy.
    • Stussy renders Kaku unconscious by biting his neck and she intends đồ sộ silence Lucci as well.
    • Stussy is shown with bat-like wings on her back.


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Author Comment

I went đồ sộ a Mrs. GREENAPPLE live performance. The three of them with their unique personalities at full throttle were very powerful! Thank you for the movie song!!


—Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda WSJ Avatar

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