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Chapter 1073 is titled "Miss Buckingham Stussy".

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Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 29: "Winner of the Ibel Peace Prize for 'GP Flowers' that bloom out of gunpowder"

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Vegapunk creates a peaceful invention.

Short Summary[]

Having taken down Kaku, Stussy takes down Lucci as well and is revealed đồ sộ be Vegapunk's spy. Zoro helps fight off S-Hawk, allowing Edison and Lilith đồ sộ regain control of the Seraphim. Meanwhile at Sphinx, Marco learns that the Marines invaded while he was gone but Weevil fought them off. Miss Buckin reveals đồ sộ him that Ryokugyu captured Weevil during the invasion, ví she wants Marco đồ sộ get him back. Back at Egghead, Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, meets with Kizaru đồ sộ discuss Vegapunk.

Long Summary[]

Though completely caught off guard by Stussy's sudden betrayal, Rob Lucci moves đồ sộ attack her, but she sidesteps him using Kami-e "Zanshin" and jams her lipstick tube—which contains a piece of Seastone—into his neck đồ sộ prevent him from transforming. Stussy then bites Lucci's neck, putting him đồ sộ sleep as well. Zoro and Brook are both left speechless by this surprising turn of events as Stussy contacts Shaka đồ sộ inform him that she incapacitated both agents, revealing that she was the ally Dr. Vegapunk reached out đồ sộ previously. The rest of the Straw Hats are left amazed that Vegapunk was able đồ sộ sneak a spy of his own into the World Government's intelligence branch without them ever knowing her true identity, though Shaka reveals he never intended her đồ sộ join them.

Despite having removed the threat, Stussy tells Shaka that her authority is the same as Lucci's, ví she cannot override his orders nor stop the Seraphim. Edison, however, tells Stussy đồ sộ fall back and let him and Lilith handle the Seraphim. Zoro and Brook try đồ sộ stop them too just as Lilith exits the lab. Just as she is about đồ sộ issue an order, S-Hawk spots her and tries đồ sộ kill her, but Zoro protects her by clashing blades with S-Hawk. Edison takes the opportunity đồ sộ issue the order for the Seraphim đồ sộ stand down just as S-Shark tries đồ sộ shoot him. Thankfully, he is saved by Sanji, and the Seraphim finally stand down. Stussy then informs Shaka that she has bound Lucci and Kaku with Seastone and he asks Stussy đồ sộ join them, which she accepts. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper wander the lab in tìm kiếm of Bonney and Vegapunk.

Meanwhile, on Sphinx, Whitebeard's hometown, Marco is informed by the people that while he was away, the Marines invaded trying đồ sộ claim Whitebeard's treasure, with some of the people calling the bunch no different from other pirates. The leader of the attack was Marine Captain Ratel, who showed no qualms telling the people of Sphinx that because they are not affiliated with the World Government, he would not hesitate đồ sộ kill all of them in order đồ sộ claim Whitebeard's treasure. To prove his point, he tried đồ sộ shoot an old lady who badmouthed him, but thankfully, he was sent flying away by an unexpected savior in the khuông of Edward Weevil.

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Weevil's phenomenal strength ensured that the invading Marines were forced đồ sộ retreat, if only đồ sộ wait for backup đồ sộ handle him. Marco thanks Weevil for his actions as his mother, the original Miss Buckingham Stussy (now known as Miss Buckin), shows up and tells him that Admiral Ryokugyu was dispatched đồ sộ aid the Marines and that, as a result, Weevil ended up getting captured. She tells Marco đồ sộ rescue Weevil and find Whitebeard's inheritance for her, but Marco's tone suggests his doubt đồ sộ Buckin's claim that Weevil is Whitebeard's son. This causes Buckin đồ sộ say that the only person who can confirm her words is none other kêu ca Dr. Vegapunk himself.

Meanwhile, Admiral Kizaru is accompanied by one of the Five Elders: Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. Kizaru asks him if he has ever met Vegapunk before, and the latter says he had once met him a long time ago, and now he feels what is transpiring now is a shame.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Lucci and Stussy have a short battle, with Stussy successfully biting Lucci, knocking him out.
  • Stussy is revealed đồ sộ have been an undercover spy for Vegapunk for the last two decades and is confirmed đồ sộ have also been the one đồ sộ whom Vegapunk had secretly contacted đồ sộ help them.
    • Shaka requests that Stussy joins Vegapunk and the satellites' journey with the Straw Hats, đồ sộ which she agrees.
  • The Seraphim stop attacking the Labophase after Edison is able đồ sộ regain control of them.
  • Marco has returned đồ sộ Sphinx.
    • While he was gone, the Marines arrived đồ sộ confiscate Whitebeard's treasure.
      • Edward Weevil fought the Marines away from the island but was captured by Ryokugyu.
    • Buckingham Stussy is on the island and speaks with Marco, demanding that he save Weevil.
      • Buckin is confirmed đồ sộ be a former Rocks Pirate
    • Buckin is revealed đồ sộ be a scientist and a former thành viên of MADS.
      • Buckin claims that Vegapunk can prove that Weevil is indeed Whitebeard's son.
  • The identity of one of the Five Elders is revealed: Jaygarcia Saturn.
    • Jaygarcia Saturn is accompanying Kizaru đồ sộ Egghead, and he claims đồ sộ have met Vegapunk a long time ago.


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Author Comment

I watched Ado-san's live with Nakata-san, Vaundy, Orisaka-san and others. What a singing ability. It was stunning!


—Eiichiro Oda
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