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And the Winner Is Love
Hanyu PinyinYuè Shàng Chóng Huǒ
Based onYuè Shàng Chóng Huǒ by Junziyize
Written byLiu Xiaoxi
Sun Ying
Directed byHe Shupei
StarringLuo Yunxi
Chen Yuqi
Opening theme"Unpredictable" by Lu Hu
Ending theme"Fate Ends" by Zhou Shen & Lu Hu
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes48
Executive producersChen Sanjun
Luo Junhui
ProducersNingbo Film & TV
Perfect World Pictures
Running time2 new episodes every Thursday to tướng Sunday at 20:00
Original releaseMay 28 –
July 5, 2020

And The Winner Is Love (Chinese: 月上重火; pinyin: Yuè Shàng Chóng Huǒ) is a 2020 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name by Junzi Yize. It stars Luo Yunxi and Chen Yuqi as leads.[1] It is available on iQIYI with multi-languages subtitles starting May 28, 2020.

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Chong Xuezhi, young mistress of Chonghuo Palace, leaves her trang chủ for the first time to tướng experience the pugilist world and runs into Shangguan Tou, master of the Yueshang Valley. While outside, Chong Xuezhi finds out she has been banished from the palace after their treasured martial arts manual “Nine Techniques of the Lotus God” is stolen, and decides to tướng track down the thief with the help of Shangguan Tou. After going through various trials and tribulations together, the traveling companions profess their love for each other and get married. News spreads that the perpetrator has already mastered the martial arts technique, and is wreaking havoc through jianghu. The main couple discovers that the culprit is, in fact, Xia Qing Mei, of the Sword Sect, and a bloody battle ensues.[2]

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Actor Character Introduction
Luo Yunxi Shangguan Tou Master of Moon (Yue Shang) Valley. Son of the Imperial Advisor Shangguan Xingzhou. Rumor says that he's a playboy, but he is actually a gentle and sweet person, who would vì thế anything for the woman he loves. He was tasked by Chong Xuezhi's second father to tướng protect her, and ends up falling in love with her.
Chen Yuqi Chong Xuezhi Young mistress of Fire (Chonghuo) Palace. Daughter of Chong Ye, the former master of Fire Palace. A naive but kind girl, who is the target of many assassinations because of Chong Ye's murders. She falls in love with Shangguan Tou after he saves her numerous times.
Zou Tingwei Yuwen Muyuan Chief Guardian of Fire (Chonghuo) Palace. Son of Yuwen Yupan and Chong Ye's adopted son. Has an unrequited love for Chong Xuezhi, and would vì thế anything in order to tướng protect her. He decides to tướng ‘betray’ Fire Palace and work for Xue Lie, in order to tướng protect Xuezhi and uncover Xie Lie's crimes. Killed by Xue Lie's subordinates.
Tian Yitong Lin Fengzi Young mistress of Sword (Lingjian) Mountain Manor. Has an unrequited love for Shangguan Tou. She and Shangguan Tou were involved in an incident which was the scheme of her master Yuan Shuang Shuang in order to tướng banish him from Sword Manor. She later falls in love with Xia Qingmei.

Production and Reception[edit]

The series began filming in April 2019.[3]

The series reunites Luo Yunxi, Chen Yuqi and Zou Tingwei from the 2017 drama Ashes of Love.[4]

The series was commercially successful as the most-watched trang web drama between April and June.[5]


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