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Naravit Lertratkosum

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ณราวิชญ์ เลิศรัตน์โกสุมภ์

Pond in 2022

Born1 February 2001 (age 22)

Bangkok, Thailand

Other namesPond Naravit
EducationFaculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Biomedical Engineering
Occupation(s)Actor and Model
Years active2020–present
Notable workFish upon the Sky (2021)
Height1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

Naravit Lertratkosum (Thai: ณราวิชญ์ เลิศรัตน์โกสุมภ์; born 1 February 2001) also known as Pond Naravit is a Thai actor under GMMTV.[1] He began his career when he won the third edition of "Go On Girl & Guy Star Search" by Clean & Clear back in 2020, he then signed an exclusive contract with GMMTV.[2][3] Pond gained popularity when he played Mork, one of the lead roles in the 2021 Thai comedy boys' love series, Fish upon the Sky.[4][5][6]

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Early life and education[edit]

Naravit was born in the thành phố of Bangkok in Thailand on February 1, 2001.[1] He will resume his studies in Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, next year after taking a break to tướng focus on his acting career. In 2019, during his early college days, Pond was named as the Most Handsome Man in the Faculty of Engineering and was a candidate for the Hot Student competition of the Ladkrabang Raja Mongkut Institute of Technology.[3]


2020-2021: Rising popularity, Fish Upon the Sky[edit]

In 2020, Pond started his career when he won the third edition of Go On Girl & Guy Star Search by Clean & Clear. Following his win, he signed an exclusive contract with GMMTV in the same year. He first appeared on television when he played Non, an extra role in the Science fantasy series The Gifted: Graduation.[2][7] His part is aired every after each episodes, as part of the promotion for Clean & Clear.

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In 2021, he has taken on his first lead role in the Thai comedy series Fish upon the Sky when he played Mork. This series skyrocketed his career in the industry.[4][5][6]

2022-Present: Never Let Me Go[edit]

During the GMMTV 2022: BORDERLESS sự kiện in the last part of 2021, it was announced that Pond will play the role of Palm in "Never Let Me Go", an upcoming mafia themed series produced by GMMTV, together with Phuwin as his love interest and Chimon as his love rival. This is his second lead role after award winning series, Fish Upon the Sky.[8][9][10][11] He was also part of the upcoming GMMTV series Oops! Mr. Superstar Hit on Me, and Dirty Laundry.

In the KAZZ Awards 2022, Pond was named as Rising Male Actor of the Year, for his performance on Fish Upon the Sky.[12]






Year Song Title Artist Label Notes Ref.
2023 Only One GMMTV Records Ost. Never Let Me Go [16]
ร้อยฤดูหนาว (100 Seasons) with Phuwin GMMTV Records Single [17]

Live performances[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated Work Result Ref.
2022 รางวัลพระพิฆเนศวร ประจำปี 2565 (Ganesha Award 2022) นักแสดงหน้าใหม่ดีเด่น (Outstanding Rising Actor) Fish upon the Sky Won [21]
Kazz Awards 2022 Rising Male Actor of The Year Fish upon the Sky Won [22]
Num Wai Sai 2021 (Popular Male Teenager) 2nd place Won [23]

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