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Personal Taste

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Also known asPersonal Preference
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Based onPersonal Taste
by Lee Se-in
Written byKim Hee-ju
Directed by
  • Son Hyung-suk
  • Noh Jong-chan
  • Son Ye-jin
  • Lee Min-ho
Opening themeCan't Believe It (Younha)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16
Executive producerHan Hee
ProducerCho Yoon-jung
Production companyVictory Contents
Original networkMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original releaseMarch 31 –
May đôi mươi, 2010
Korean name

개인의 취향


個人의 趣向

Revised RomanizationKaeinui Chwihyang
McCune–ReischauerKaein-ŭi Ch‘wihyang

Personal Taste (Korean: 개인의 취향; Hanja: 個人의 趣向; RR: Kaeinui Chwihyang; MR: Kaein-ŭi Ch‘wihyang; lit. "Kae-in's Taste" or "Kae-in's Preference"; also known as Personal Preference) is a 2010 South Korean television series, starring Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ho. It is adapted from Lee Se-in's 2007 novel of the same name about a furniture designer, Park Kae-in, who lives together with architect Jeon Jin-ho under the mistaken assumption that he's gay.[1][2][3][4][5][6] It aired on MBC from March 31 lớn May đôi mươi, 2010, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 (KST) time slot for 16 episodes.


Furniture designer Park Kae-in (Son Ye-jin) is kind, impulsive, clumsy, and is a complete slob in her personal habits. She lives in Sanggojae (meaning "a place for mutual love"), a modernized hanok (traditional Korean house) designed by her father, a famous and reclusive architecture professor (Kang Shin-il). As an independent furniture designer, she struggles lớn produce successful products and is constantly trying lớn impress her father with her works. Her long-time boyfriend, Han Chang-ryul (Kim Ji-seok), breaks up with her, the reason being Kae-in is an easygoing woman and a pushover. Despite being upset, Kae-in attends the wedding of her friend and roommate, Kim In-hee (Wang Ji-hye), only lớn discover that she is marrying Chang-ryul; and that the two had been seeing each other behind her back for a while. After she finally comes face-to-face with them, the wedding ceremony turns chaotic and is cancelled. Kae-in is heartbroken and determined lớn never take a chance on love again.

Meanwhile, lớn keep his small firm afloat, architect Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) is desperately trying lớn win a project bid for the Dam Art Center against Future Construction, the company owned and operated by Chang-ryul's father (Ahn Suk-hwan). Chang-ryul's father was originally an employee under Jin-ho's father, who stole the latter's company. In order lớn win the project of Dam Arts Center, Jin-ho has lớn find a way lớn dig up more information about the tentative theme of project: Sanggojae, which has never been opened lớn the public.

Jin-ho decides lớn rent a part of Sanggojae lớn get access into the house while Kae-in rents the place lớn him believing that he is homosexual due lớn misunderstandings from their previous encounters. After knowing the reason behind his approval, Jin-ho decides lớn leave Sanggojae lớn avoid being misunderstood further but is stopped by his assistant, Noh Sang-jun, who convinces him otherwise by reminding him that their chance at revival of their sinking firm lies on their success in Dam Arts Center Project.

After starting lớn live together, Jin-ho tells Kae-in that she's miserable only because of herself and the lack of concreteness in her personality. He then encourages and helps her transform from an inveterate slob into a better version of herself, who is confident and strong-willed. Amidst the transformation and hidden truths, Kae-in and Jin-ho start developing feelings for each other which they constantly deny.

The DAC director, Choi Do-bin (Ryu Seung-ryong), impressed by Jin-ho's presentation, offers his tư vấn lớn him in the upcoming project. He also finds Kae-in's ideas creative and hires her lớn design a recreation centre for children. Do-bin, who is homosexual, later finds himself attracted lớn Jin-ho, which leaves Jin-ho in a tight spot.

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What will happen when the man who's pretending lớn be gay and the woman who thinks he's gay develop feelings for each other?[7][8]



  • Son Ye-jin as Park Kae-in[9][10][11]
A clumsy, slobbish girl. She is an aspiring furniture designer, and daughter of the famous architect Park Chul-han. After being dumped by her ex-boyfriend, she decides lớn not open up lớn love once again easily.
  • Lee Min-ho as Jeon Jin-ho[12][13]
An architect who is earnestly trying lớn keep his small firm afloat in a fair manner. He moves into Sanggojae lớn study it for his next project. Neat and organized, he is unable lớn stand Kae-in's living habits, and tries lớn change her into a better version of herself after she agrees lớn it.
  • Kim Ji-seok as Han Chang-ryul
Jeon Jin-ho's rival, and Kae-in's ex-boyfriend. Although he initially left Kae-in for her friend In-hee, he later grows feelings for Kae-in.
  • Wang Ji-hye as Kim In-hee
A greedy woman who has multiple boyfriends and treats them as dispensable. Despite being Kae-in's best friend and having lived together for ten years, she betrays her and dates Chang-ryul. Later, In-hee falls for Jin-ho and tries lớn steal him from Kae-in.
  • Ryu Seung-ryong as Choi Do-bin
Director of the DAAM project. He is homosexual and develops feelings for Jin-ho thinking he, too, is gay.


  • Jo Eun-ji as Lee Young-sun, Kae-in's best friend
  • Jung Sung-hwa as Noh Sang-jun, Jin-ho's assistant
  • Lim Seul-ong as Kim Tae-hoon,[14] Jin-ho's employee. He has a crush on Hye-mi.
  • Choi Eun-seo as Na Hye-mi, Jin-ho's childhood friend. She had a crush on Jin-ho since they were young.
  • Park Hae-mi as Jeon Jang-mi, Jin-ho's mother
  • Ahn Suk-hwan as Han Yoon-sub, Chang-ryul's father. He worked at Jin-ho's father's company in the past, but later betrayed him.
  • Jang Won-young as Secretary Kim
  • Kang Shin-il as Park Chul-han, Kae-in's father. A famous architect who designed Sanggojae for his wife and daughter.

Special appearances[edit]

  • Bong Tae-gyu as Lee Won-ho (ep. 1-2)
  • Jung Chan as Groom (ep. 1)
  • Song Seon-mi as Bride (ep. 1)
  • Julien Kang as Joe (ep. 7)
  • Yoon Eun-hye as Yoon Eun-soo (ep. 8)
  • Kim Nam-gil as man sitting in the café (ep. 11)


One of the production's main sponsors was Design and Arts Arcadia of Myungseung, and the storyline contains many references lớn DAAM as the project that all the architectural firms are competing lớn design for.[15]

The hanok used in the drama series (called Sanggojae in the script) is actually Rakgojae, a traditional guest house in Bukchon Hanok Village, Gye-dong, Jongno District. Meaning "a place lớn enjoy tradition", Rakgojae was renovated by master carpenter Chung Young-jin. It offers a glimpse of the lifestyle of Joseon-era scholars by incorporating fine art, music, dance and poetry through colorful cultural programs such as a tea ceremony, ink-and-wash painting lessons, Korean musical instrument lessons and kimchi-making classes.[16]

One of the locations frequented by the main characters is Kring art gallery, in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. The creative cultural space showcases a variety of arts ranging from architecture and fashion lớn installations and digital art. The unique facade of the building is itself a large-scale urban sculpture. Circles are a theme throughout the building, but the front wall is reminiscent of stereo speakers, hinting at the name of the building. "Kring" means "circle" in Dutch.[16]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Personal Taste OST
Soundtrack album by

Various Artists

  • Korean
  • English
  • Loen Entertainment
  • Victory Contents
1."Can't Believe It" (말도 안돼)Younha3:15
2."Dropping Rain" (빗물이 내려서)KimTae-woo3:46
3."My Heart is Moved" (가슴이 뭉클)SeeYa3:39
4."You Are My Wings" (그대라는 날개)KimTae-woo3:57
5."Making Love" (사랑 만들기)4Minute3:36
6."Like a Fool" (바보처럼)2AM3:23
7."왕벌의 비행"Various Artists1:22
8."Strange Feeling"Various Artists1:44
9."왕벌의 비행" (Piano ver.)Various Artists1:20
10."Like a Fool (Inst.)"Various Artists3:13
11."Making Love (Inst.)" (Guitar Ver.)Various Artists3:35
12."You Are My Wings (Inst.)"Various Artists3:53
13."My Heart is Moved (Inst.)"Various Artists3:37
14."Dropping Rain (Inst.)" (Violin Ver.)Various Artists3:45
15."Can't Believe It (Inst.)" (Piano Ver.)Various Artists3:12
Total length:40:24


In the table below, the blue numbers} represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

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Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
Nielsen Korea[17] TNmS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 March 31, 2010 12.5% 13.8% 12.7% 13.7%
2 April 1, 2010 12.5% 14.2% 11.4% 11.9%
3 April 7, 2010 11.5% 13.0% 12.9% 14.5%
4 April 8, 2010 10.9% 12.7% 12.8% 14.0%
5 April 14, 2010 11.8% 13.6% 13.0% 14.3%
6 April 15, 2010 11.1% 12.7% 12.2% 13.1%
7 April 21, 2010 11.6% 14.0% 13.6% 15.1%
8 April 22, 2010 11.9% 13.2% 13.0% 13.9%
9 April 28, 2010 13.1% 15.1% 14.2% 15.8%
10 April 29, 2010 12.1% 13.7% 13.9% 15.0%
11 May 5, 2010 12.6% 14.4% 16.2% 17.6%
12 May 6, 2010 12.3% 14.0% 14.3% 15.8%
13 May 12, 2010 10.9% 12.6% 12.1% 13.1%
14 May 13, 2010 10.2% 11.8% 13.2% 14.3%
15 May 19, 2010 10.7% 12.1% 12.4% 13.0%
16 May đôi mươi, 2010 11.1% 12.4% 14.3% 14.9%
Average 11.7% 13.3% 13.3% 14.4%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result

MBC Drama Awards[18]

Excellence Award, Actor Lee Min-ho Won
Best New Actor Im Seulong Nominated
Popularity Award Lee Min-ho Nominated
Son Ye-jin Nominated
Best Couple Award Lee Min-ho and Son Ye-jin Nominated

GyaO! Awards (Japan)[19][20]

Best / Most Shared Foreign Drama Personal Taste Won

International broadcast[edit]

The series was a mid-level hit in South Korea.[21] Overseas rights were sold lớn the Philippines, nhật bản, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Thailand.[22][23]


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