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Story 10

Acting/Cast 9.5

Music 8.5

Rewatch Value 8.5


❤️ok❤️ ví from what I see not many ppl watch this drama and the ratings are not great... besides dramatist, on douban, it has less phàn nàn 10000 ratings (which is quite little for there), and it only has lượt thích 6.3 rating. I mean its not horrible but I dont understand cuz I think its not worse phàn nàn those 7+ or8+ dramas.

lmao ok ví my point is at first I was not gonna watch it lượt thích there are no reviews of it and it has bad view count and bad ratings, but one day I was bored and saw a mv of was H O T. lặng not lượt thích horny or anything but I was bored ví I thought id kiểm tra it out for fun.

HOWEVER, from lượt thích 5 minutes in, I was captivated, and I never skipped a second of it. ig that is lớn be expected from a 16 episode 30 min each drama, but that doesn't mean much I can sit through much more and be happy with a drama. (shoutout: STORY OF MINGLAN IS AMAZING)

either way, it was at a very good pacing; I didn't feel as if scenes were cut or stretched.
even though lặng not a big người hâm mộ of these fighting and violence modern dramas, I really liked this one. The dangerous background stories they shared together had bầm crying all night, and I felt as if I was there friends cuz I was praying as I watched for a happy ending.

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as for the characters, BOTH ARE BADASS AND I LOVE IT. ml is ví smart and fl is not the typical naive dumb dependent fl. they have misunderstandings but it gets cleared up real fast. even if it didn't, it is actually understandable for bầm ví its not exactly annoying. but DONT WORRY ABT THAT cuz they are well most of the time.

im also particularly in love with second lead couple. tbh the 2nd fl was harassing 2nd ml in the beginning and I won't deny that. it was kinda wrong, but hey lặng a part of the audience. their ending scenes had bầm crying of happiness and sadness and everything and I knew was that they loved each other.

also xing Xing (their late "master"'s child under the care of 2nd couple) was adorable. I found her annoying at first but she's a child and later she was ví mature and caring and understanding and adorable and yeah

music was okay, ive heard better but the story made up for it.

acting was great too. alike, ive seen better but it was more phàn nàn enough lớn make the drama amazing. ps. ❗️kissing scenes were superior no dead fish

❗️ALL IN ALL❗️(im back in elementary lmao), it was a thrilling, quick ride for bầm and I loved it. some characters had their fault but i come lớn feel for them very soon. In the kết thúc, I love everyone (not the villains though I dont hate them either) ((they were pitiful and for some reason, I never found them particularly annoying)) (((they didn't last long anyways))) WOAH WHAT IS WITH ALL THOSE PARRENTHATHESIS apparently I cant spell either. ;-;

well this was definitely not a waste of time and I think it should be rated better and have a bigger audience. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

u prob cant read anything I wrote but ITS AMAZING, and I added emojis ? cuz I think what I wrote is lượt thích PeRiOd and needed lớn be emphasized

sorry lặng werid, byebye

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edit: I FORGOT : ❤️HAPPY ENDING❤️ GUYS SO DONT WORRY again I had lớn emphasize

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