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My Father Is Strange

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아버지가 이상해

  • Family
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Comedy
Created byKBS Drama Production (KBS 드라마 제작국)
Written byLee Jung Sun
Directed byLee Jae-sang
Creative directors
  • Jung Yeo-jin
  • Jung Kwang-shik
  • Kim Yeong-cheol
  • Kim Hae-sook
  • Ryu Soo-young
  • Lee Yu-ri
  • Lee Joon
  • Jung So-min
  • Min Jin-woong
  • Ryu Hwa-young
  • Ahn Hyo-seop
ComposerGaemi (개미)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes52
Executive producers
  • Bae Kyung-soo
  • Teddy Hoon-tak Jung
  • Hwang Ki-yong
ProducerCho Woong
CinematographyLee Yoon-jung
EditorJung Hyun-kyung
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time65 min
Production companyiHQ
Original release
ReleaseMarch 4 –
August 27, 2017

My Father is Strange[1] (Korean: 아버지가 이상해; Hanja: 아버지가 異常해; RR: Abeojiga Isanghae; lit. Father is Strange) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Kim Yeong-cheol, Kim Hae-sook, Ryu Soo-young, Lee Yu-ri, Lee Joon, Jung So-min, Min Jin-woong, Ryu Hwa-young, and Ahn Hyo-seop. The series aired on KBS2 every Saturday and Sunday from 7:55 p.m. to lớn 9:15 p.m. (KST).[2] The TV series gained huge popularity and was extended by 2 episodes (original 50).[3]


About a middle class family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul which consists of the father, his wife, their three daughters, and their one son. However, one day, a young man, who is a celebrity, shows up at the household claiming that he is the son of the family.

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  • Kim Yeong-cheol as Byun Han-su/Lee Yoon-seok (60) — He is the owner of Father's Snack Bar and the patriarch of the family. He was a former Judo player back in high school but after being accused of a crime he did not bởi, he ended up going to lớn jail and ruining his future. His identity was changed to lớn Byun Han-soo after getting his identity switched with his best friend due to lớn an accident. He was forced to lớn keep this new identity after his wife Young-shil got pregnant with Joon-young, and decided that living as Byun Han-su would give him the opportunity to lớn restart his life and save his children from the repercussions of being known as a criminal's children. Years later, when Ahn Joong-hee tracks him down, he learns that Joong-hee is the real Han-su's son and could not refuse Joong-hee's request to lớn move in with him and his family out of guilt for the identity switch, and he decides to lớn be the father that Joong-hee never had. He eventually grows to lớn love Joong-hee and cares for him sincerely lượt thích his own son. They eventually become a real family when Joong-hee decides to lớn marry Mi-yeong. With the help of his daughter Hye-young, Yoon-seok manages to lớn clear his name and at the kết thúc of the series, he reverts to lớn his actual name, and manages to lớn get a driver's licence for the first time.
  • Kim Hae-sook as Na Young-sil (58) — Lee Yoon-seok's wife and the matriarch of the family. She helps Yoon-seok with the snack bar while raising her four children. She first met her husband at a hospital while she was working as a nurse. She was also the only one who believed his innocence and stood by him after he was released from jail. After learning that she was pregnant with Joon-young, she begged Yoon-seok to lớn maintain his new identity as Byun Han-su for the sake of their child and his future. She is known to lớn be very protective of her family and goes to lớn great lengths to lớn ensure that their children never learned of their father's true identity. She also does the driving for her husband since due to lớn his switched identity, he could not obtain a driver's licence.
  • Ryu Soo-young as Cha Jeong-hwan (38)[4]— The only child of Cha Gyu-taek and Oh Bok-nyeo. Even though he works as a PD at KBC studios, his show is losing popularity which caused the company to lớn cancel his show. He was in a relationship with Hye-young while they were in college but broke up after his mother forced Hye-young to lớn break up with him. He eventually gets back together with Hye-young and they get married, despite his mother's strong disapproval of her. He also manages to lớn come up with a new show about marriage counseling after being inspired by his own parents, and the show goes on to lớn receive good ratings, which revives his career. He is shown to lớn be fully supportive of Hye-young and her career, and even provides tư vấn and assistance when she was working on clearing her father's name.
  • Lee Yu-ri as Byeon Hye-yeong/Lee Hye-yeong (34)[5]—She is a lawyer and Lee Yoon-seok's and Na Young-shil's eldest daughter and 2nd child. She dated Cha Jung-hwan back in college but broke up after Jung-hwan's mother forced her to lớn break up with him. After sleeping with him from fighting, they decide to lớn start dating again and they eventually get married. Her personality is known for acting pretty while she is working. Hye-young eventually is the person responsible for restoring her father's good name as she embarks on the arduous task of proving his innocence from a case that happened a long time ago. Hye-young also gains fame from her success with her father's case, giving her access to lớn more clients.
  • Lee Joon as Ahn Joong-hee (36)[6][7]— He is an idol-singer turned actor at Gabi Entertainment and the real Byun Han-soo's son. He lived in the U.S before moving to lớn Korea to lớn become an idol. Although he is an actor, he could not really act well which caused him to lớn miss out on opportunities on doing more popular acting jobs lượt thích a mini series. After finally being cast on one, he decided to lớn move with the Byuns/Lees, to lớn know what it is lượt thích living with his “father", to lớn help him with his acting. Living with the Byuns/Lees actually improves his acting skill and his image sánh much that he becomes famous again. He later starts to lớn fall for Mi-young which causes him to lớn believe that he is crazy because she is supposed to lớn be his half-sister. He struggles with his feelings for Mi-Young and his anger at her father for posing as his father and betraying his trust. Eventually, he learns to lớn forgive Yoon-seok and his wife Young-sil for their betrayal as he understands their reasons and he also has grown to lớn love the family lượt thích his own. He also gets together with Mi-Yeong and they become engaged at the kết thúc of the series.
  • Jung So-min as Byeon Mi-yeong/Lee Mi-yeong (31) — She is Lee Yoon-seok and Na Young-shil's 2nd daughter and the 3rd child of the family. She is a former Judo athlete and after suffering from a career-ending shoulder injury, became depressed, which caused her to lớn be overweight. After deciding to lớn start her life again, she decides to lớn lose weight and find a job. She eventually gets a job as an intern at Gabi Entertainment and later as Ahn Joong-hee's manager. Although she gets a job at Gabi Entertainment, she is having troubles working there since a girl named Kim Yoo-joo who bullied her back in high school due to lớn her weight, works there. Kim Yoo Joo also holds a more senior position in the company, and even ends up getting pregnant by and marries her brother, adding to lớn her woes. She eventually changes her mind on Yoo-joo and truly forgives and accepts her after Yoo-joo finally shows remorse and apologizes for her past actions. She also begins to lớn develop feelings for Ahn Joong-hee, causing great inner turmoils as she believes that they are half siblings. After the whole truth on her father's real identity is revealed, Mi-Yeong and Joong-Hee finally get together and later become engaged. She is also implied to lớn have gotten a permanent job with another entertainment company.
  • Min Jin-woong as Byun Joon-young/Lee Joon-young (35) — He is a 9th Grade Civil Servant and Lee Yoon-seok and Na Young-shil's oldest son and 1st child. He has been taking and studying his Civil Servant exam for almost 5 years and he eventually passes the test his 5th year. He has been dating Kim Yoo-joo while studying for his exam but after getting her pregnant by accident, they decide to lớn get married. Initially shown as irresponsible, Joon-young eventually changes and steps up to lớn the plate to lớn become the eldest child of the family during their toughest time. He is also shown to lớn possess great dislike for Joong-hee, as he seems to lớn feel inferior to lớn Joong-hee in every aspect, even though he changes his mind about him later, and starts to lớn become nice and caring to lớn Joong-hee.
    • Oh Jae-moo as young Byun Joon-young
  • Ryu Hwa-young as Byeon Ra-yeong/Lee Ra-yeong (27) — She is a yoga instructor and Lee Yoon-seok and Na Young-shil's youngest daughter and 4th child. She is always known for using her social truyền thông media trương mục constantly and is always the first one to lớn find out her siblings’ dating secret. She meets Park Chul-soo when he gets a job as a soccer coach at the training center she works at. She at first thought he was gay after mistaking his twin brother as his boyfriend. She eventually starts to lớn date him after he confesses his attraction to lớn her. Eventually, she discovers her talent in sales and works at Chul-soo's father's company at the home page shopping section.
  • Ahn Hyo-seop as Park Chul-soo — A former soccer player and a soccer coach at the training center. He is actually from a rich family but after refusing to lớn work at the family business, he decides to lớn run rẩy away and cut all financial ties with them, causing him to lớn sleep in the night duty room at the training center. He eventually dates Ra-young after confessing his feelings to lớn her. Due to lớn her influence, his father eventually approves of Ra-young and decides to lớn tư vấn his interest and career choice instead of forcing him to lớn work for the family business.


Byun's household[edit]

  • Lee Mi-do as Kim Yoo-joo — She is Gabi Entertainment Art Team Leader and Joon-young's wife after he got her pregnant. She bullied Mi-young back in high school because she was jealous how Mi-young's father treated her. Yoo-joo's mother left her which caused her father to lớn get remarried.
  • Park Hye-sook as Kim Mal-boon — Na Young-shil and Na Young-shik's mother.
  • Lee Jun-hyeok as Na Young-shik — Na Young-shil's younger brother and Lee Bo-mi's husband. His family was doing well with business until his business partner stole all his money and ran away which caused his family to lớn be bankrupt. His former business partner later comes back and gives half the money back and uses that money to lớn open a pizza parlor after winning a pizza contest with his wife.
  • Jang So-yeon as Lee Bo-mi — Na Young-shik's wife. She tries to lớn make a living by selling homemade dish rags after her husband's business went bankrupt. After winning a pizza contest with her husband and getting pregnant with twins, she eventually opens the pizza parlor with her family.
  • Jung Joon-won as Na Min-ha — Na Young-shik and Lee Bo-mi's son. He is a straight A student who is always the top of his class. He gets invited to lớn be enrolled at a Science and Technology High School but chooses not to lớn due to lớn tuition. After meeting a pretty math teacher from a different high school, he decides to lớn go there instead.

Cha Jung-hwan's family[edit]

  • Kang Seok-woo as Cha Kyoo-taek – Cha Jung-hwan's father and a retired journalist who never got a scope. Although he retired, he never cares for his wife Oh Bok-nyeo and only cares for his dog Chico.
  • Song Ok-sook as Oh Bok-nyeo – Cha Jung-hwan's mother and the owner of the building Lee Yoon-seok and his family lives in. She tries really hard to lớn get her husband to lớn pay attention to lớn her no matter how hard she tries. She was really against the idea of Jung-hwan and Hye-young dating and she is against it more after getting into a fight with Na Young-shil.

People around Park Chul-soo[edit]

  • Song Won-seok as Park Young-hee — Park Chul-soo's brother
  • Lee Hyun-joo
  • Yang Hak-jin as Yeon Tae-soo
  • Lee Byung-joon as Park Hong-ik — Park Chul-soo's father


  • Jung Hee-tae as Kang Woo-sung — Gabi Entertainment General Manager
  • Kang Da-bin as Jin Sung-joon — Popular actor
  • Sora Jung as Ahn Soo-jin — Joong-hee's mother
  • Nam Tae-bu as Nam Tae-bu — Ahn Joong-hee's manager
  • Lee Bong-ryun as Yoon-ryeon
  • Choi Dae-sung as Deputy Director — Director of Jung-hwan's Broadcasting Station
  • Jung Soo-kyo as Jong-bum — Jung-hwan's junior PD
  • Kim Da-ye as Im Yeon-ji — Jung-hwan's junior PD
  • Yoon Young-min as Team leader Lee Se-jin — Gabi Entertainment Management Team Manager
  • Lee Chang as Ryoo Gyoon-sang — Director of the drama 'Oh My Boss'
  • Jo Hyun-jin as Team leader Lim Jung-yoon — Gabi Entertainment Art Team Leader
  • Jo Wang-ki as Joong-hee's acting teacher
  • Choi Dae-hoon as PD Lee
  • Park Seo-young as Mathematics teacher of Onjeong high school
  • Song Min-ji as Hye-young's friend
  • Choi Na-moo as Mi-young's high school alumnus
  • So Hee-jung as Yoo-joo's mother
  • Park Min-jung as Actress
  • Han Choon-il as Real estate owner
  • Park Seung-tae as deceased Han-soo's aunt
  • Jun Hyun-tae as Community center's chief
  • Hong Yi-joo as Community center's Yoga Instructor 1
  • Jun Hye-young as Community center's Yoga Instructor 2
  • Yoo Il-han as Community center's Yoga Instructor 3
  • Kim Bo-neui as Gabi Entertainment Art Team Staff
  • Lee Seung-joon as Reporter Kim Geun-soo
  • Sung Chan-ho as Senior corporate executive
  • Yeo Un-bok as Pizza House manager
  • Choi Young as Central Police Station detective
  • Jin Hyun-kwang as Attorney Lee Chan-soo
  • Lee Jae-uk as Do Jung-tae
  • Son Dong-hwa as Lee Shi-hoon
  • Kim Jong-ho as Photographer
  • In Sung-ho
  • Son Joo-won
  • Jung Han-jin
  • Ham Jin-sung
  • Lee Hyun-joo
  • Seo Kwang-jae
  • Lee Eun-sung
  • Kim Tae-rang
  • Min Joon-hyun
  • Lee Tae-gum
  • Gong Yoon-chan
  • Lee Seo-hwan
  • Park Min-jung
  • Kim Min-kyung
  • Choi In-sook
  • Kim Do-kyum

Special appearances[edit]

  • Kim Jung-young as Yoon-seok's mother
  • Jo Woo-jong as Love and Battlefield host
  • Kwon Jae-kwang as 2 Day 1 NightTogether Director
  • Kim Jung-ha
  • Seo Yoon-ah as Hyun-ji — Ahn Joong-hee's ex-girlfriend
  • Hak-jin as Yeon Tae-soo — Byun Ra-young's ex-boyfriend
  • Im Chan-mi1 as Drama Staff
  • Lee Na-eun as Drama Staff
  • Uhm Ji-in
  • Sung Hyuk as Moon Ji-sang

Original soundtrack[edit]

My Father Is Strange OST
Soundtrack album by

Various artists

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LanguageKorean, English
Gazi Contents
LOEN Entertainment

Part 1[edit]

1."It's You" (그게 너라고)
  • Gaemi
  • Yoda
  • Kim Se-jin
  • Lohi
Na Yoon-kwon, Da-eun03:41
2."It's You" (Inst.) 
  • Kim Se-jin
  • Lohi
Total length:07:22

Part 2[edit]

1."Love Song"Gaemi
  • Gaemi
  • Heo Sung-jin
Nam Joo02:42
2."Love Song" (Inst.) 
  • Gaemi
  • Heo Sung-jin
Total length:05:24

Part 3[edit]

1."My Heart"Gaemi
  • Gaemi
  • Park Chan
  • Kim Se-jin
Kim Hyung-joong03:52
2."My Heart" (Inst.) 
  • Gaemi
  • Park Chan
  • Kim Se-jin
Total length:07:43

Part 4[edit]

1."Kongdak Kongdak (Acoustic Ver.)" (콩닥콩닥)Lee Chang-gunLee Chang-gunSugar Bubble Acoustic04:00
2."Kongdak Kongdak (Acoustic Ver.)" (Inst.) Lee Chang-gun 04:00
Total length:08:00


  • In this table, The xanh rờn numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top trăng tròn daily programs on that date.
Ep. Broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS[8] AGB Nielsen[9]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
1 March 4, 2017 21.1% (1st) 19.4% (1st) 22.9% (1st) 22.7% (1st)
2 March 5, 2017 24.4% (1st) 23.3% (1st) 26.5% (1st) 25.7% (1st)
3 March 11, 2017 19.6% (1st) 18.8% (1st) 21.4% (1st) 20.7% (1st)
4 March 12, 2017 21.9% (1st) 21.1% (1st) 24.4% (1st) 24.5% (1st)
5 March 18, 2017 21.1% (1st) 20.7% (1st) 22.5% (1st) 21.4% (1st)
6 March 19, 2017 26.2% (1st) 23.5% (1st) 27.1% (1st) 26.3% (1st)
7 March 25, 2017 22.6% (1st) 21.0% (1st) 22.4% (1st) 21.6% (1st)
8 March 26, 2017 26.9% (1st) 25.1% (1st) 26.8% (1st) 25.6% (1st)
9 April 1, 2017 23.5% (1st) 19.8% (2nd) 21.9% (1st)
10 April 2, 2017 26.4% (1st) 24.6% (1st) 25.8% (1st) 25.5% (1st)
11 April 8, 2017 22.0% (1st) 19.6% (2nd) 22.3% (1st) 22.4% (1st)
12 April 9, 2017 25.5% (1st) 23.3% (1st) 26.8% (1st) 25.9% (1st)
13 April 15, 2017 22.9% (1st) 20.7% (1st) 22.8% (1st) 22.4% (1st)
14 April 16, 2017 27.6% (1st) 25.5% (1st) 28.0% (1st) 27.6% (1st)
15 April 22, 2017 24.7% (1st) 22.5% (1st) 23.0% (1st) 22.4% (1st)
16 April 23, 2017 24.4% (1st) 22.8% (1st) 23.5% (1st) 23.4% (1st)
17 April 29, 2017 23.1% (1st) 24.2% (1st) 23.9% (1st)
18 April 30, 2017 28.2% (1st) 26.5% (1st) 27.1% (1st) 26.7% (1st)
19 May 6, 2017 25.7% (1st) 25.1% (1st) 25.2% (1st) 24.4% (1st)
20 May 7, 2017 28.8% (1st) 27.1% (1st) 29.2% (1st) 28.4% (1st)
21 May 13, 2017 24.7% (1st) 25.3% (1st) 26.1% (1st) 25.6% (1st)
22 May 14, 2017 27.9% (1st) 27.7% (1st) 30.4% (1st) 29.2% (1st)
23 May trăng tròn, 2017 24.7% (1st) 22.6% (1st) 24.0% (1st) 23.0% (1st)
24 May 21, 2017 30.2% (1st) 28.6% (1st) 30.5% (1st) 29.3% (1st)
25 May 27, 2017 25.1% (1st) 23.5% (1st) 24.2% (1st) 23.8% (1st)
26 May 28, 2017 30.5% (1st) 29.7% (1st) 31.0% (1st) 31.1% (1st)
27 June 3, 2017 25.6% (1st) 24.1% (1st) 26.4% (1st) 25.1% (1st)
28 June 4, 2017 28.7% (1st) 27.6% (1st) 31.0% (1st) 30.7% (1st)
29 June 10, 2017 27.3% (1st) 25.6% (1st) 26.1% (1st) 25.1% (1st)
30 June 11, 2017 29.9% (1st) 27.9% (1st) 31.7% (1st) 30.9% (1st)
31 June 17, 2017 25.8% (1st) 23.6% (1st) 26.5% (1st) 25.2% (1st)
32 June 18, 2017 30.5% (1st) 28.1% (1st) 31.6% (1st) 31.1% (1st)
33 June 24, 2017 27.1% (1st) 25.1% (1st) 27.4% (1st) 27.5% (1st)
34 June 25, 2017 29.7% (1st) 28.6% (1st) 31.4% (1st) 31.2% (1st)
35 July 1, 2017 27.0% (1st) 25.1% (1st) 28.8% (1st) 28.7% (1st)
36 July 2, 2017 31.7% (1st) 29.8% (1st) 33.2% (1st) 33.0% (1st)
37 July 8, 2017 28.8% (1st) 26.7% (1st) 28.8% (1st) 28.8% (1st)
38 July 9, 2017 31.9% (1st) 29.7% (1st) 32.5% (1st) 32.4% (1st)
39 July 15, 2017 28.1% (1st) 26.3% (1st) 28.7% (1st) 29.0% (1st)
40 July 16, 2017 31.5% (1st) 29.7% (1st) 33.4% (1st) 33.1% (1st)
41 July 22, 2017 28.1% (1st) 25.3% (1st) 27.0% (1st) 26.9% (1st)
42 July 23, 2017 32.7% (1st) 30.2% (1st) 32.1% (1st) 32.3% (1st)
43 July 29, 2017 24.1% (1st) 27.8% (1st) 28.0% (1st) 28.2% (1st)
44 July 30, 2017 32.4% (1st) 28.4% (1st) 31.0% (1st) 31.2% (1st)
45 August 5, 2017 27.1% (1st) 23.8% (1st) 28.3% (1st) 28.4% (1st)
46 August 6, 2017 32.3% (1st) 28.8% (1st) 32.2% (1st) 32.4% (1st)
47 August 12, 2017 27.8% (1st) 24.4% (1st) 27.9% (1st) 27.2% (1st)
48 August 13, 2017 32.6% (1st) 30.3% (1st) 34.1% (1st) 34.4% (1st)
49 August 19, 2017 27.7% (1st) 25.2% (1st) 30.3% (1st) 30.1% (1st)
50 August trăng tròn, 2017 34.1% (1st) 31.2% (1st) 36.5% (1st) 36.3% (1st)
51 August 26, 2017 29.2% (1st) 25.6% (1st) 28.6% (1st) 28.2% (1st)
52 August 27, 2017 33.1% (1st) 30.3% (1st) 33.7% (1st) 33.3% (1st)
Average 27.2% 25.4% 27.8% 27.4%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.

10th Korea Drama Awards

Grand Prize (Daesang) Kim Yeong-cheol Nominated [10]
Excellence Award, Actor Min Jin-woong Won

1st The Seoul Awards

Best Supporting Actress Jung So-min Nominated [citation needed]

31st KBS Drama Awards

Grand Prize (Daesang) Kim Yeong-cheol Won [11][12][13][14][15]
Top Excellence Award, Actor Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress Lee Yoo-ri Won
Kim Hae-sook Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Kim Yeong-cheol Nominated
Lee Joon Nominated
Ryu Soo-young Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama Jung So-min Nominated
Kim Hae-sook Nominated
Lee Yoo-ri Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Lee Mi-do Nominated
Best New Actress Ryu Hwa-young Won
Best Young Actor Jung Joon-won Won
Netizen Award – Female Lee Yoo-ri Nominated
Jung So-min Nominated
Best Couple Award Ryu Soo-young & Lee Yoo-ri Won


  • 1Credited as Kim Chan-mi.


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