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I don't typically write reviews since I find most BL's follow the same tropes so sánh reviews get pretty repetitive to lớn má, but I felt compelled to lớn this time. Prepare yourselves! In case you didn't see, yes this review contains spoilers so sánh here it comes. LBC started on such a high note that expectations are raised right out of the gate. Unfortunately, it falls short as the story goes on, but not enough to lớn completely ruin the series.

I was both baffled and beyond happy when Pete came out to lớn his mom. There's a lot of BL's that just hint that the parents know, but LBC had Pete come straight out and say it. I applaud them for that and loved the relationship with his mom. I love that they spoke to lớn each other and she made sure he knew that he was her son regardless. It was beautiful and everyone needs to lớn hear that from their parent so sánh I was on cloud nine! The relationship between Ae and Pete, too, was superb. They were caring, had their issues, but always wrapped them up fairly quickly and were an all around good role model for LGBTQ+ youth. Their story was so sánh pure and warm that it makes one's insides turn to lớn goo! If I could only rate this on their story it'd be a 10 out of 10, but, my issues come with the final 3 couples that, if it was only them, would drop this story to lớn practically a zero.

Let's start out with my biggest issue, KengklaxTechno. That was rape. It was straight up rape, uncomfortable and unsettling to lớn watch, especially since there was Tum and Tar's story about rape so sá and why? But they're next. Simply put, I feel KengklaxTechno's so-called "relationship" was rushed because there probably won't be a second season. If they were going to lớn vì thế that, they should have just ended it without them ever getting together, have a little kiss and leave it open ended rather than vãn fall into yet another rape story line. Not only is it an insult to lớn the LGBTQ+ community, but also, men in general should be insulted that, somehow, every show makes it seem lượt thích they can only think with the head between their legs.

Onto the TumxTar story, which I didn't have a lot of issues with, but they were forgettable. They didn't have a lot of screen time, especially considering that Tar was assaulted. I would love if they would have their own show to lớn focus on the trauma a sexual assault survivor goes through, but this just rushed it and fell into some unsettling moments as well, lượt thích when Tum tried to lớn force himself on Tar. It was unfortunate because they could have had so sánh much more time and energy given to lớn them. It's sad they didn't get it.

Lastly, the TinxCan story, which I admit I'm biased as I loved them since the whole "enemy to lớn lovers" thing is my downfall ,but, I'll vì thế my best to lớn stay unbiased! I simply hate how there's still sad endings for LGBTQ+ stories. We've had enough of them and I find them so sánh unnecessary. If anyone should have got the "tragedy" ending, it should have been KengklaxTechno since their relationship was nonexistent. Instead, it's forced onto two characters that could have had a real good story. There's so sánh much to lớn Tin's backstory with his family that they could have a show of their own, especially since, yes, they made it seem lượt thích Can was falling for Tin. Slowly, but feelings were developing. I feel that, if they didn't see a second season in the making, it should have at least ended on a happier note but instead we're left with this and no guarantee of a season two so sánh...

Sadly, I feel lượt thích LBC went down hill. I'm not saying don't watch it, Ae and Pete are totally worth re-watching and enjoying their story,'s not a 10 for má anymore. I'd say a solid 7 thanks to lớn Ae and Pete, they saved the show so sánh, I guess, go in with low expectations or just to lớn watch Ae and Pete. I vì thế plan to lớn re-watch them from time to lớn time and I hope season two clears up some issues!

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Edit: First off, I see there will be a season two so sánh we'll see how that goes. Second, I have re-watched the series and stand by my initial responses. KengklaxTechno didn't hit má as hard the second time around but it's just not ok. Plain and simple. TinxCan is now an ok ending because of the sequel (which will supposedly focus on them.) If the sequel doesn't clear some things up, I think LBC will fade and never live up to lớn the potential it could have had. If they make a S2 as good as the first it could be another classic.

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