lighter and princess

Story 9.5

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Acting/Cast 10

Music 10

Rewatch Value 10

Great Story, Amazing Acting, Best of Chen Feiyu

Just as I thought Chen Feiyu’s acting somewhat lacking in Ever Night, he gives mạ a bombshell here in this drama. While I thought only Song Weilong has those eyes with words that cannot be spoken, Chen Feiyu possesses those similar irresistible gazes that make the viewers' heart ache. As I thought this drama is "just" another youth drama with immature characters and silly storyline, this story touches the real challenges of youth in the cutthroat IT world today.

Lighter and Princess or L & Phường, is adapted from a popular novel. "Lighter" depicts the lighter that the male lead possesses whereas "Princess" is the nickname given đồ sộ the female lead by the male lead. The story is narrated by Zhu Yun (Zhang Jingyi) of her encounter starting in her freshman year in college, 2012. The story has a span of 7-8 years with four years in college, 3 years in adulthood (not shown in details), and the current year of 2019. L & Phường has also come đồ sộ mean "Lucky and Power" in the story.

In college, Zhu Yun is an innocent girl, but she is not naive. She is intelligent but unafraid đồ sộ ask questions and đồ sộ admit errors. She is obedient and responsible, at trang chủ and at school; she is the perfect daughter all parents want – an obedient child who never lies nor defies the parents. Having said that, Zhu Yun later begins đồ sộ tell white lies and secretly defy her mother who is judgmental. I wish Zhu Yun had stood up đồ sộ her mother and given her an ultimatum: “accept us or lose a daughter”. Zhang Jingyi puts up a perfect performance here as an uncertain and yet determined Zhu Yun. The actor’s adorable adolescent look and demeanor make her ví convincing and lovable.

In romance, a perfectly good girl has đồ sộ meet a totally opposite character. Here, Zhu Yun meets Li Xun (Chen Feiyu), an outrageous, arrogant, untamed, super intelligent, confident and unconformable character. Li Xun is a very misunderstood character, not only by people around him, even many viewers also don't understand him and therefore condemn him.

Here, I want đồ sộ address some criticisms from viewers about Li Xun. Many viewers complains that Li Xun is misogynistic. Li Xun is definitely not a misogynist. He looks down on people not because they are women but because they are being mediocre. Those people he looks down on are usually people who get đồ sộ high positions through connections, either they have powerful relatives, or they bribe their way through; these people vì thế not have substance. This is a common phenomenon happening around the world. People buy their credentials and tout themselves as the experts, sitting in high positions, receiving high salaries and benefits, claiming credits for everything, while the real people doing the actual tasks receive measly compensations and no recognition. This is what Li Xun despises. He despises people with no substance but still have no self-realization đồ sộ try đồ sộ improve themselves further. And đồ sộ improve, he laughs at those for reading and memorizing from text books. For him, improvement means getting your hands dirty, making mistakes and learning from the mistakes. Contrast his attitude towards Ren Di. He likes Ren Di because he feels she is authentic, pursuing her passion even against her father's will. He helps her in every way he can: financial tư vấn, a place for her đồ sộ live, and extra school credit points from his coding club, etc. All these prove that Li Xun is not misogynistic.

Despite how Li Xun looks and behaves, deep down, Li Xun is a decent and kind person who loves his mother and sister dearly, and cares for all his friends even he himself is in a dire position. He is compassionate but doesn't give a damn how others think of him. Only Zhu Yun knows how he thinks, puts up with him and stands up for him throughout.

Both Zhu Yun and Li Xun are classmates in computer programming. But Li Xun is well ahead of his class as he is a computer whiz kid and a brilliant programmer but he doesn't use this skill for hideous crimes. He humiliates everyone as they seem childish đồ sộ him with their shallow knowledge of the course. Everyone hates him for his badassness, and yet loves him for his ingenuity. Li Xun doesn’t follow frivolous rules; he finds generally people only care about how things look on the surface and not the substance inside, ví he calls them kém chất lượng. I love how he looks at everyone, a classic condescending look. Li Xun is a person with an attitude, and for mạ, that's Chen Feiyu’s natural look; Chen Feiyu fits into the Li Xun character seamlessly as if the character is written for him. In real life, if your boyfriend is such a character, I empathize with you, but in a romance, this type of personality captures the viewers’ imagination. I am ví in love with this character.

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According đồ sộ readers, in the novel, Li Xun is flamboyant and has many girlfriends but none last long. Here in the drama, the Li Xun character has been whitewashed – instead, girls throw themselves at him, but he doesn't even look at them as if they are non-existent; they usually leave him alone after getting humiliating scolds from him. None of the girls attract Li Xun’s attention, until Zhu Yun comes into his sight. With her, he experiences jealousy and longing, and with him, she always believes in, no matter what. I really love how their relationship develops, slowly and steadfastly. It takes half of the drama for the trust and love đồ sộ blossom before the couple is officially together.

College life ends at Episode 22, and the kids graduate, each starts their work life, further education, or something else (spoiler). Three years whizz past, present life continues. Our characters struggle with life, career and revenge. This is the beginning of romance 2.0, mature, steamy and sensual. Here we can see the growth of the characters compared đồ sộ their college years.

The official sound tracks and background music are beautiful, capturing the ups and downs of our characters, and the mood of the story. I'm ví glad that my favorite singer, Zhou Shen, sings one of the songs, Fireworks.

My Verdict

For mạ, not one episode is considered redundant or boring as I relish every scene and every moment. I really enjoy watching how the characters being carefully explored in detail, giving viewers multiple dimensions of the two main characters, both have flaws, both learn from their mistakes, and grow đồ sộ become better person of their own. The writing of the characters is very realistic. In life, all of us could come across many of these characters: a child with outrageous hair color and an attitude, a sister who is also the perfect daughter, a classmate or a colleague who sabotages your projects and stabs you on the back, even the parents of Zhu Yun are the typical Chinese parents that many Chinese viewers can empathize with. There are many fine and sweet improvised moments of the love birds; this is candy for any romance buffs. The love is pure and deep, and reciprocated. The sacrifices are relatable. The humor is subtle and delightful. Not least, Chen Feiyu is a heartthrob.

In Trung Quốc, the Li Xun character is an outlier, but in the west, he’s a norm. Therefore when he's being called a "bad boy", my heart aches. What bad boy? Just because he doesn't conform đồ sộ the norm? It upsets mạ that such a beautiful soul is being treated ví unfairly by a society that demands conformity. Many people are fearful of making life changing decisions. Li Xun is decisive and fearless. Once he makes up his mind, he doesn't look back. For mạ, this is a highly valued quality and is well depicted, among others, in the multiple times he helps the hesitant Zhu Yun in clicking the submit button.

As Zhu Yun puts it, “He never looks back, confident, courageous, energetic, care-free. Forever with a determined direction, never with self-doubt.” These are the qualities all viewers would be inspired by the character.

Towards the last few episodes, the writing becomes soften with somewhat conflicting messages; everyone, including Li Xun, compromises in achieving a win-win outcome. The writing even has Li Xun get back in line with what society expects of him, and what it means by success - wealth. Nonetheless, this slight change of tone has not reduced my excitement of the Li Xun character and my enjoyment of the overall story.

This drama captures my heart, my imagination and my emotions, hence deserves a 10/10.


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