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Kim Jae-kyung

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Kim Jae-kyung in January 2021

BornDecember 24, 1988 (age 34)

Seoul, South Korea

  • Actress
  • singer
Years active2009–present
AgentNamoo Actors
RelativesKim Jae-hyun (brother)
Musical career
Formerly of
  • Rainbow
  • Rainbow Blaxx
Korean name




Revised RomanizationGim Jae-gyeong
McCune–ReischauerKim Chae-gyŏng
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Kim Jae-kyung (born December 24, 1988), formerly known mononymously as Jaekyung, is a South Korean actress and singer. Before transitioning to tướng acting full-time, she was a thành viên and leader of the South Korean girl group Rainbow.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Kim was born in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea on December 24, 1988. She studied at Deungchon High School and Dongduk Women's University, where she majored in Fashion Design. Her brother is N.Flying's Jaehyun.[2]



She was a trainee at JYP Entertainment before switching to tướng DSP Media.[3][unreliable source?] While under DSP Media, in 2007 she was asked if she wanted to tướng debut as a thành viên of Kara. Kim turned the offer down because she thought she would be happy with her Rainbow members.[4][unreliable source?] In 2007, she was asked to tướng join SM Entertainment, hinting at the possibility that she may have joined Girls' Generation.[4] In 2008, she appeared in SS501's tuy nhiên "A Song Calling For You" music video clip before debuting as a Rainbow thành viên.[citation needed]

2009–2016: Rainbow, Rainbow Blaxx, solo activities[edit]

Kim debuted as leader of girl group Rainbow on November 12, 2009, with the release of mini album Gossip Girl.[5] The group's first broadcast performance of "Gossip Girls" was held at MBC's music show Show! Music bộ vi xử lý Core on November 14, 2009.[citation needed]

In 2010, she became a cast thành viên in the variety television show Honey Jar.[6] That same year, she also became a cast thành viên in the school variety show 100 Points Out of 100.[citation needed]

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On March 31, 2012, Kim had her first leading role as Na Yoo-mi in the JTBC's drama Monster.[7] Later that year, she became a cast thành viên in the variety television show Law of the Jungle W.[8][9][unreliable source?]

In December 2013, she was confirmed for tvN's new reality program, The Genius: Rule Breaker, with 12 other representative figures from different fields of work such as TV personalities, politicians, gamblers, and more. She was the second person eliminated.[10]

Jaekyung, Woori, Seungah, and Hyunyoung debuted as Rainbow Blaxx, the second official sub-unit of Rainbow, in năm trước.[11] The group released their first mini album titled RB Blaxx on January đôi mươi, năm trước.[12]

Kim was cast in a supporting role in the năm trước drama Inspiring Generation. In năm trước, she was also part of the main cast in Quiz of God 4.[13] On January 12, năm trước, she was a guest on Running Man.

In năm ngoái, she entered the main cast of tvN's Always Cantare 2.[14] She also starred in Noble, My Love as Cha Yoon-seo, a veterinarian who runs her own animal hospital, across from Sung Hoon.[citation needed]

In năm 2016, she became a host on Beauty Bible, alongside Jessica Jung.

On October 27, năm 2016, it was confirmed that Rainbow would be disbanding following the expiration of the members' contracts.[15] In December năm 2016, Kim signed with new management agency Namoo Actors to tướng start afresh as an actress.[16]

2017–present: Acting[edit]

In 2018, Kim was cast in Life on Mars as Han Mal-sook.[17] Later that year she appeared as part of the main cast in Bad Papa as Cha Ji-woo, the youngest female lieutenant.[18]

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In 2019, Kim appeared as Veronica Park, the CEO of a film production company and an heiress with an audacious personality, in The Secret Life of My Secretary.[19] This led to tướng her being nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards.[citation needed]

In 2021, Kim appeared in The Devil Judge as Oh Jin-joo, an associate judge who idolizes Yo-han (Ji Sung).[20]

In 2022, Kim appeared as Kim Han-mi, a former delinquent and current reporter who assists Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) against corrupt officials, in Again My Life.[21]


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