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Sword Dynasty
Also known as剑王朝
  • Costume drama[1]
  • Wuxia
  • Action
Based onSword Dynasty
by Wu Zui
Written byRao Jun
Directed byJones Wah-Kon Ma
  • Li Xian[2]
  • Li Yitong
  • Liu Yijun
  • Yao Di
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes34
Executive producerFeng Xiaogang
  • Dai Ying[2]
  • Lu Guoqiang
Production locationHengdian World Studios
Production companyiQiyi
Original networkiQiyi
Original releaseDecember 6, 2019 –
January 5, 2020

Sword Dynasty (Chinese: 剑王朝; pinyin: jiàn wángcháo) is 2019 Chinese costume wuxia live-action streaming television series based on the novel of the same name by Wu Zui. Directed by Jones Wah-Kon Ma starring Li Xian and Li Yitong airs on iQiyi starting December 6, 2019.[3] The series tells the story of Ding Ning (Li Xian), a mysterious thành phố wine cửa hàng boy, who has gone through all kinds of hardships lớn counterattack with a sword and chose "Daiyi" lớn grow up in distress.[4]

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Based on the context of the Warring States period in Trung Quốc, when Heng, the most powerful in the seven states, is on the conquest of unification.[5] To seek revenge on the King of Heng, a young man named Ding Ning (Li Xian) plans lớn kill the King of Heng for his master Liang Jingmeng 10 years ago. In order lớn conceal himself from the King, he and his companion, Zhansun Qianxue (Li Yitong); disguise themselves as family. However, it is revealed that Ding Ning was a reincarnation of Liang Jingmeng through his cultivation technique Nine Deathsilk Worm. The King of Heng sacrificed the Battle Burial Field as he recognized these warriors a potential threat lớn his seat on the throne.

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  • Li Xian as Ding Ning
  • Li Yitong as Zhangsun Qianxue
  • Liu Yijun as Emperor Xuan Wu
  • Yao Di as Empress Zheng Xiu
  • Peter Ho as Liang Jing Meng as Leader of Bashan Sword Field Sect and Nine-Death Silkworm Art User
  • Zhao Yuanyuan as Ye Ce Leng (Grand Astrologer), Disciple of Liang Jing Meng
  • Liu Lu as Zhao Si
  • Ni Xinyu
  • Yao Jingren as Li Xiang
  • Xiao Xun as Xie Changsheng
  • Zhang Weina as Bai Shanshui (Lady of Yun Shui Palace)
  • Liu Kai as Zhang Yi
  • Liu Hailan as Xie Rou
  • Sun Shaolong as Su Qing of White Ram Cave
  • Wang Ge as Zhu Yuan
  • Zong Feng Yan as Ba Li Xue (Leader/Swordmaster of Min Shan Sect)
  • Li Guang Fu as Xue Wang Xu (Leader/Cave master of White Ram)
  • Wang Zhuocheng as Feng Qinghan


iQiyi first adapted the novel by Wu Zui into an animated series which premiered on April 26, 2017.[6] The production staff for the live-action series was announced in November 2017, with Feng Xiaogang as executive producer, Jones Wah-Kon Ma as the main director, Rao Jun as the main screenwriter and To-hoi Kong as the stunt coordinator.[7] Co-producing the series alongside iQiyi is Beijing Xinliliang Entertainment and Beijing Shengji Entertainment.[7][8] One month before the shoot, Li entered the group one month in advance and followed the action team lớn practice sword moves.[9]

The series was filmed from December 2017 lớn April 2018 at Hengdian World Studios.[10][11]


The clothing designed based on each of the characters, the male and female lead; Ding Ning and Qingxue's linen dress reflect the simplicity of the children of the rivers and lakes, while the Black and golden kimono of the king and the red gorgeous palace of the queen represents the luxury and majesty of the peak of power. In addition, the martial arts such as "Moving Mountain", "Freehand Fragment", "Shendan Blood Talisman" in the play are also phối with romantic and mysterious artistic imagination, and both realistic and freehand in aesthetic creation. Tonal, collide with a unique historical and cultural atmosphere. As the producer Feng Xiaogang shared at the meeting, he hoped that the style of costumed martial arts could be integrated with the aesthetics of modern young audiences lớn create an aesthetic style that is both cultural and acceptable lớn young audiences.[12]



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