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Story 7.5

Acting/Cast 8.0

Music 7.5

Rewatch Value 8.0

A turning point in the Korean LGBTQI+ film industry? Kinda.

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I was not having high expectations for this series, to tướng be honest, but I am glad it could prove its worth to tướng má and hopefully other viewers too. The Korean LGBTQ+ film industry is growing and improving its series in terms of production and duration., which is noticeable when watching this drama. It´s definitely a good decision to tướng watch “First Love, Again”. In the following, I try to tướng justify my recommendation briefly and concisely.

Nothing extra outstanding nor something they failed in. However, it gets closer to tướng the normal high standard of Korean dramas. One thing I´d lượt thích to tướng highlight is that the use of light and shadows in this series was on-point. Compared to tướng other Korean LGBTQI+ series the dialogues and monologues have been better in both quantity and quality. The story feels less rushed phàn nàn usual, and I am sure we can expect similar dramas to tướng be produced soon.

The plot is, I mentioned this in the heading, unique and exciting to tướng watch. I especially enjoyed the soft pacing and the comedy side of a more serious story. Both characters seem to tướng not be written as extraordinary people, but rather normal citizens lượt thích you and má. One of them just happened to tướng remember their incomplete love story and is trying his best to tướng make their ends meet so sánh that his consciousness can finally rest in peace. Other phàn nàn Yeon Seok remembering his past, there is no superpower or characteristic that makes him less ordinary, except for his multilayered personality and his weird humour. Additionally, I also enjoyed the sweet moments Yeon Seok and Jeong Ha Yeon had. So xinh đẹp. However, towards the kết thúc it kinda got boring.

What surprised má the most though is that it´s the first appearance in a drama (on MDL) for both main leads. This get´s even more confusing when you witness their solid performance in terms of facial expressions and natural behaviour. So what can I even say? They did a good job, and I am glad that Jeon Chang Ha and Jin Gun were chosen as the main leads because they matched the characters and thus the entire series is harmonious.

The Supporting Cast also showed a satisfying performance in their roles. I can't think of anything that I would have found disturbing or unfitting. Well done. Especially Song Han Hee showed off in her role as Mikael. I adore the idea and origin of this character, firstly that they are genderfluid/ non-binary and secondly that the series mentioned their identity. Good job!

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As I said in the beginning, in terms of innovation and production, this drama is definitely recommended and it is indeed a good decision to tướng watch “First Love, Again”, as it is a turning point in the Korean LGBTQI+ film industry.

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