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Cringey Leads With No Chemistry and Rather Forgettable Plot

The plot was basic and nothing new or unique. Long-time BL fans have seen this done (and done better) a thousand times before, and I felt lượt thích nothing new was added vĩ đại the genre. The pacing was severely rushed in the first episode, as if the writers wanted vĩ đại cram in as much from the book as they could (read: quantity over quality) but vĩ đại its credit, the pacing and scene selection did improve as the series progressed. I understand that the writers only had four episodes vĩ đại work with, but that makes it all the more important vĩ đại carefully select which scenes from the novel vĩ đại adapt, make sure the writing is super tight, and that every single word and interaction has meaning behind it ví that not a second is wasted. I also felt lượt thích episode four could have been cut completely and we wouldn't have missed anything, since the climax and resolution occurred in episode three. The series overall gave u the impression that the writer (of either the novel, screenplay, or both) cherry-picked their favorite scenes and attributes from other, popular BLs and dumped them all into this story, leaving u feeling as though I watched a low-budget, fan-made homage.

This is where I had the biggest issues (and if you've read my comments, apologies for the repetition). Oh, where vĩ đại start? The main leads had absolutely no chemistry together whatsoever, and that made their "love story" very uncomfortable vĩ đại watch. Gun was gross, cringey, a creep who had no respect for Bar's boundaries at all. From the very first episode, we see Gun constantly force himself into Bar's life, touch Bar without consent, control who Bar can and can't speak vĩ đại, and proclaim that this is all in the name of love. Meanwhile, Bar responds with looks of disgust, discomfort, and flat-out refusal, until halfway through and he suddenly does a 180 because how else can they over up together? The problem is that Bar never indicates he enjoyment of this attention from Gun; he doesn't flirt back, and he always looks sour when receiving it. Even when they became a couple, he still looked uncomfortable with Gun's "affection," leaving u confused as vĩ đại why these two got together in the first place. I think that for a character lượt thích Gun vĩ đại be portrayed successfully, the actor needs a certain charisma that Win unfortunately did not possess. I also needed Folk vĩ đại deliver something in the emotions department that his character was into this courtship from Gun, but he failed vĩ đại deliver there as well. The relationship left a very sour, toxic taste in my mouth.

As for the other actors and characters, nothing vĩ đại write home page about. They, lượt thích the plot, felt lượt thích stock characters that are used in just about every BL, and none really stood out as distinct and memorable.

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Some really enjoyed this. I clearly did not. I can handle worn tropes, low budgets, less kêu ca stellar acting, and subpar writing--to an extent. But I need something special vĩ đại làm đẹp for those shortcomings, a spark that just wasn't present in this story. I can't say I'd recommend the series, mainly because I got more disgusted by Gun the more I watched, but it's only four episodes and a rather quick binge, ví if you're interested, why not? I'm left hoping that the next two installments of this franchise won't leave u quite as disappointed.

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