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Jan 15, 2021

Brilliant childhood anime.
Great twist from the original movie and amazing reference to tướng the original. 8/10

The Art was decent however the CGI was abit meh. GCI just did not fit art style of Miu And Qiu. 6/10

The sound effects in this movie was astonishingly good everything was matching and fitting especially the OSTs. 10/10

Character was adequate nothing extraordinary though I tự love the cuteness of the dinosaurs'. 7/10

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Enjoyment?, I enjoyed it very much ví that I would definitely watch it again in the future. I love how there weren't any antagonists in this movie and that it teaches that evolution is important and the key ...

Jun 26, 2023

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Doraemon in the Reiwa Era is here, and it's beautiful. The art really took a step up here. Not sure what changed over at Shin-Ei, but it's appreciable.

Nobita going on his usual hijinks as the story never gets old. How many times has he messed with dinosaurs at this point? I mean, it's practically Jurassic Park at this point, with how much they khuyến mãi with dinosaurs. Still a lot of fun for sure, although it's no Spielberg.

Music was on point, as usual. Also, Misuchiru is a great band, and "Birthday" is no exception. Now if only they could get GLAY on a movie... I'm ...

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