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  • S1 E24 - Episode 24

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During the Changlong period of the Great Jin, Hua Yingting, the protector general of the country who had just defeated the enemy state of Jinpo, sent his only daughter Hua Liuli back to lớn the capital. Despite being a girl, Hua Liuli grew up around her father and brothers in a military camp at the border and was blessed with both intelligence and martial arts skills. However, the capital was different from the border. On one hand, rumors were spreading about the Hua family's military power. On the other hand, the second prince, Ji Yuansu, was appointed as the crown prince despite not being the eldest son, but he showed no interest in governing the country. Hua Liuli, who got involved in a storm, chose not to lớn play by the book. Instead, she played dumb and pretended to lớn be fragile and delicate. She single-handedly beat other socialites and even attracted the crown prince and the prince of Jinpo, turning a political drama of succession into a ridiculous and sweet love story.


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